9 Essential Knives for the BBQ

9 Essential Knives for the BBQ

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The Big Red BBQ Collection represents a new standard in quality-made Australian chef knives designed for working professionals. These knives set a benchmark for durability and reliability. Crafted with high carbon VG10 steel, these knives offer remarkable edge retention and cutting precision.

 Their full tang handle construction, paired with Australian native wood grips, provides both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. These knives are the perfect choice for BBQ enthusiasts who value quality and performance in their culinary tools.

1.   The Kookaburra (Paring Knife)

The Kookaburra paring knife, a remarkable tool for BBQ enthusiasts, offers precision in a compact design. With a blade length of 96mm and an overall length of 222mm, this knife is designed for intricate tasks. Its 3mm thick blade, weighing 170g, is crafted from high-quality Japanese VG10 steel, known for its robustness, corrosion resistance, and exceptional edge retention.

 The 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to a 15° angle, ensures both sharpness and durability. The Kookaburra excels at segmenting citrus, deveining prawns, separating sausages, and scoring meat. In BBQ preparation, it guarantees precision, making every detail of your dish impeccable.

2.   The Tassie Devil (Boning knife)

The Tassie Devil, a crucial part of the BBQ knife collection, serves as a specialised boning knife that excels in maintaining the integrity of meat cuts. With a curved back designed to enhance slicing and precise point work, it offers maximum control during intricate tasks such as bone removal and joint work.

Boasting a slender profile, a robust spine, and a classic three-rivet handle, it is well-suited for various BBQ preparations, including working with whole animals. Made from high-quality Japanese VG10 steel, it offers a sharp, long-lasting edge and is paired with Australian wood handles for an exceptional grip. Its 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to 15°, ensures a keen edge without compromising durability or performance, making it an indispensable tool for barbecue enthusiasts.

3.   The Barramundi (Filleting Knife)

The Barramundi, a star in the Big Red BBQ Collection, emerges as a specialized filleting knife crafted for precision and control during fish preparation. Its blade, forged from top-tier Japanese VG10 steel, guarantees robust construction, corrosion resistance, and an enduring razor-sharp edge. Designed by second-generation blacksmith, and Koi co-owner, Shannon here in South Australia, this knife marries Japanese excellence with Australian artistry, featuring an ergonomic handle made from locally foraged wood.

Sporting a fine tip for intricate work and a finger guard for safety, the Barramundi is versatile enough for larger sports fish and species with thick bones. Its remarkable length suits even the most formidable fish like Kingfish and Swordfish.

4.   The Croc (Bread Knife)

The Croc, a vital member of the Big Red BBQ Collection, stands as an indomitable bread knife with an enviable serrated edge for seamless slicing. This culinary workhorse, inspired by a dinosaur of the same name, is a versatile tool in the Australian kitchen. Constructed with precision, it wields 1.4116 high-carbon German steel with a sandblast finish, specifically chosen to enhance the durability of its serrations.

The Croc's high carbon core ensures an enduring razor-sharp edge, while its sandblasted surface minimizes food adhesion, allowing for effortless vegetable slicing. With handles sourced from diverse Australian locales and optional customisations, this knife adds a touch of unique craftsmanship to the art of cooking.

5.   The Brolga (Carving knife)

The Brolga from the Big Red BBQ Collection is a carving marvel designed to enhance BBQ presentations. This knife, inspired by butcher's steak knives, creates dramatic cuts that capture the attention of onlookers. Whether slicing meats fresh off the grill or preparing butchery cuts, the Brolga excels. Its sharp blade reduces moisture loss and ensures succulent results.

Crafted with Japanese VG10 steel for durability and corrosion resistance, it maintains a razor-sharp edge. Combined with Australian wood handles, the knife is both resilient and exquisite. Designed by a second-generation blacksmith, the Brolga guarantees precision and excellence in every BBQ dish.

6.   The Big Red (Large Chef's Knife)

The Big Red, a cornerstone of our Australian knife collection, is a chef's knife of remarkable durability and versatility, designed to serve a lifetime. Constructed from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a distinctive sandblast finish, this knife offers an exceptionally sharp cutting edge clad with stainless steel for protection.

The sandblasted upper blade, beyond practicality, embodies Australia's sandy landscapes and creates a non-stick surface, ideal for slicing through various ingredients. What truly sets the Big Red apart is its unique wood handles, sourced from different Australian regions, each offering distinct wood grain and resin patterns, making each knife as unique as the Australian landscapes it symbolises.

7.   The Dingo (Allrounder)

The Dingo, an essential part of the Big Red BBQ Collection, is a versatile and powerful allrounder knife that is tailored to meet a variety of BBQ-cutting needs. Inspired by the Australian wild dog, the Dingo features a long and robust blade designed to mimic the Dingo's powerful jaws, and it excels in delivering precision and efficiency in all BBQ cutting tasks.

Crafted from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a unique sandblast finish, this knife is not only razor-sharp but also durable. Its sandblasted section creates a non-stick surface, perfect for glide-through vegetable cutting.

The Dingo's handle, sourced from different regions of Australia, adds a touch of diversity and uniqueness to each knife, making it an ideal choice for BBQ enthusiasts. With the Dingo, you're equipped with a reliable allrounder to enhance your culinary experience.

8.   The Shark (Heavy-Duty Allrounder)

The Shark knife, a formidable addition to the BBQ arsenal, serves as a heavy-duty allrounder comparable to a cleaver. Its unique design, inspired by the Japanese Deba knife but tailored for Western users, makes it an all-purpose prep tool for both meats and vegetables. With a sturdy build, thick blade, and versatile cutting edge, it excels at chopping, slicing, and roll-cutting.

 Crafted with precision in South Australia, the Shark features high-quality Japanese VG10 steel for its robust, corrosion-resistant blade. Paired with distinctive Australian wood handles, its 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to a sturdy 18° angle, ensures a keen edge without compromising durability.

9.   The Platypus (Vegetable Chopper)

The Platypus, a versatile vegetable chopper from the Big Red BBQ Collection, offers barbecue enthusiasts a precision tool for streamlining vegetable preparation and enhancing the presentation of fresh salads and grilled sides. Designed with a straight edge for cross-chopping and a slight rocker for those who prefer rocking chops, the Platypus is a must-have for any barbecue gathering.

Crafted from high-quality Japanese VG10 steel, sourced from Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, and featuring a 50/50 double bevel edge, this knife combines robustness, corrosion resistance, and a long-lasting razor-sharp edge, all without sacrificing toughness or performance. Make the Platypus a part of your BBQ experience and elevate your culinary game.


The Big Red BBQ Collection offers a selection of precision tools that can elevate your grilling game. From the versatile Big Red chef's knife to the robust Shark heavy-duty allrounder, these knives are designed to meet the demands of BBQ enthusiasts.


Don't settle for less when it comes to your tools. Explore the Big Red BBQ Collection today and equip yourself with the essential knives for an outstanding barbecue experience. Enhance your BBQ journey with the perfect cut and the perfect flavour.


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