8 Koi Knives with Innovative Blade Profiles for Specialised Tasks

8 Koi Knives with Innovative Blade Profiles for Specialised Tasks

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You know, one of the most overlooked aspects of an extraordinary dining experience lies not just in the ingredients you use but in the tools you wield. That's where specialised knives come into play.

Why Specialised Knives?

Imagine using a sledgehammer for delicate carpentry work; it just wouldn't make sense. The same goes for knives.

The art of cooking, much like any craft, demands the right instruments for precision. Different cutting tasks require different blade profiles. This is where the Koi brand shines. Known for its innovative knife designs, Koi has mastered creating knives tailored for specific culinary feats.

Are you ready to elevate your culinary skills? Let's dive in and discover the world of specialised knives that can genuinely transform your cooking adventures.

1.     Nakiri Knife: Precision in Vegetable Chopping

The Nakiri knife is a true expert in vegetable preparation. Its unique features make it an indispensable tool for anyone passionate about perfecting their vegetable dishes.

Blade Profile and Cutting Technique

The Nakiri knife boasts a flat, double-edged blade with a squared-off tip. This distinctive shape allows you to perform precise vertical cuts effortlessly. Its razor-sharp edge excels at slicing and dicing, making it the go-to-choice for vegetable lovers. When using the Nakiri, it's all about the simple yet precise up-and-down motion. This technique helps maintain the integrity of delicate ingredients while ensuring uniformity in your cuts.

Choosing the Right Nakiri Knife

When shopping for a Nakiri knife, prioritise high-carbon stainless steel blades for longevity and edge retention. Look for a comfortable handle design that suits your grip. Ensure it feels well-balanced and light enough, as you'll be doing a lot of precise chopping.

2.     Pankiri & Croc Knives: Mastering Bread Cutting

Now, let's delve into the world of bread cutting with the Pankiri or Croc knife. These knives boasts some distinct characteristics that make it your bread's best friend.

Characteristics of the Pankiri & Croc Knives

The Pankiri &Croc knives typically features a long, serrated blade. This serration is the key to its bread-cutting prowess. The sharp, jagged edges grip the crust of the bread, allowing for clean and precise slicing. The long, slender blade lets you make those perfect, uniform cuts.

Serrated Blade: Ideal for Bread

The serrated profile of the Pankiri & Croc knives are tailor-made for bread. It bites into the crust without compressing the soft interior, ensuring your slices are beautifully intact. The saw-like action minimises crumbs and leaves you with that desirable clean-cut edge.

Selecting the Best Pankiri/Croc Knife for Bread Cutting

When choosing your Pankiri/Croc knife, pay attention to the length of the blade. A longer blade is excellent for cutting larger loaves, while a shorter one is perfect for baguettes and smaller bread. Ensure the knife feels comfortable in your hand, allowing you to control it easily.

So, whether it's a crusty baguette or a fluffy loaf, the Pankiri/Croc knife is your ticket to bakery-worthy slices.

3.     Tassie Devil/Honesuki Knife: The Art of Boning

The Tassie Devil and Honesuki knives, are real virtuosos in boning tasks. With a slender, pointed blade, it's purpose-built to navigate the complex contours of meat, making it a standout choice for deboning poultry and other meats.

Design Excellence

The Tassie Devil/Honesuki knife's design is all about precision. The slim, triangular blade allows you to make intricate cuts with ease. Its pointed tip lets you get into tight spaces, removing bones with minimal waste. This knife is a must-have for chefs and enthusiasts who demand the utmost precision in their boning tasks.

Suitability for Boning

It's like the knife was born for boning. Whether you're removing bones from chicken, turkey, or any other meat, the Tassie Devil/Honesuki's blade profile is the perfect partner. It ensures you don't waste an ounce of meat and do the job with finesse.

Choosing the Right Tassie Devil/Honesuki Knife

When selecting your Tassie Devil/Honesuki knife, consider high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel for durability. Ensure it feels comfortable in your hand, as boning can be intricate. A knife with a good balance is essential. Lastly, consider the blade length – around 5 to 6 inches- ideal for most boning tasks.

4.     Brolga & Sujihiki Knives: Masterful Carving

The Brolga & Sujihiki knives are an actual work of art in carving tasks in the culinary world. Their slender, long blade is engineered for precision, making them go-to tool for masterful carving.

Features of the Brolga & Sujihiki Knives

These knives boast a remarkable combination of a narrow profile and a sharp edge. The long, slender blade allows for smooth, single-pass slicing, making it perfect for carving roasts, poultry, and other meats. Its sharpness ensures clean, even cuts with minimal effort.

Role in Carving Tasks

The Brolga & Sujihiki excels in making paper-thin slices of cooked or smoked meats. Whether preparing a Thanksgiving turkey or serving up a beautifully roasted sirloin, these knives ensures your presentation is top-notch. Its precision slicing reduces meat wastage and elevates your dishes to a professional level.

Choosing the Right Brolga/Sujihiki Knife

Focus on blade length and construction when selecting a Brolga/Sujihiki knife. Opt for a size that suits your needs, and choose high-quality stainless steel for durability. Balance and grip are also essential for comfort during prolonged carving sessions.

5.     Barramundi Knife: Precision in Filleting

The Barramundi knife is the unsung hero of fish filleting. Its blade profile is where the magic lies.

Unique Blade Profile: The Barramundi knife boasts a long, thin, and slightly flexible blade. This profile allows it to slide along the bones and under the skin of a fish with unparalleled precision.

Excel in Filleting Fish: The Barramundi knife is your best friend when it comes to filleting fish. The flexible blade easily manoeuvres around the bones, making getting the most meat off the fish a breeze. No more wasted morsels.

Selecting the Perfect Barramundi Knife: When choosing your Barramundi knife, focus on blade flexibility and length. A flexible blade around 6-8 inches is ideal for most filleting tasks. Look for a comfortable handle that allows for a firm grip, which is crucial for maintaining control during delicate filleting.

So, if you're a seafood enthusiast or a professional chef, the Barramundi knife is your ticket to precision in filleting.

6.     BBQ Veg Chopper - The Platypus: Versatile Vegetable and Salad Prep

The Platypus is a true multitasker in culinary tools. Its innovative design makes it a must-have for anyone serious about crafting exquisite salads or effortlessly preparing a medley of vegetables for the grill.

Innovative Design

The Platypus boasts a blade profile akin to the broad bill of its namesake. This unique design allows it to excel in two primary tasks: cross-chopping vegetables and rock-chopping salads. Its wide blade makes quick work of slicing through everything from bell peppers to zucchinis precisely.


Cross-chopping vegetables is a breeze with the Platypus. The broad blade gives you control and accuracy, ensuring your cuts are even and efficient. And when it’s time to craft that perfect salad, the Platypus shines at rock chopping. The rocking motion blends ingredients beautifully without damaging delicate greens.


7.     BBQ Paring Knife - Kookaburra: Precision in Specialty Cutting

The BBQ Paring Knife, The Kookaburra, is a remarkable addition to your culinary toolkit, and it excels in precision cutting for specialised tasks.

Unique Characteristics

This knife boasts a slim, sharp blade perfect for intricate work. Its pointed tip and razor-sharp edge make it an ideal choice for various speciality cutting needs.

Versatile Uses

The Kookaburra can easily tackle various tasks. Use it to segment oranges, creating beautifully uniform citrus wedges. It's a pro at deveining prawns, leaving you with clean, ready-to-cook seafood. Additionally, when scoring meat, this knife ensures that your cuts penetrate just deep enough to allow seasonings to infuse, enhancing the flavour of your dishes.


8.     BBQ Cimeter/Slicer - The Brolga

Introducing the BBQ Cimeter/Slicer, or "The Brolga." This knife boasts unique characteristics, making it an indispensable tool for barbecue adventures.

Unique Characteristics

The The Brolga features a curved blade designed for making precise, long drawing cuts through meat and chicken. This blade profile minimises the loss of precious moisture in your cuts, ensuring that your grilled delights remain succulent and flavourful.

Versatile Uses

The Brolga excels in making those perfect, thin slices of meat or poultry needed for an exceptional barbecue experience. Its design allows you to slice through roasts, steaks effortlessly, and more, maintaining the juices within, resulting in a mouth-watering presentation and taste.


Final Thoughts

We've examined the art of specialised cutting with eight exceptional Koi knives. From the precision of the Nakiri knife for vegetable chopping to the versatility of the Platypus, each blade is crafted to elevate your culinary skills.

Remember, the right tool can make all the difference. As you've discovered, having the perfect knife for a specific task enhances both your efficiency and the quality of your creations.

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