Below is an overview of all knives and sets made by Koi. 

We link directly to overviews of origins and the Koi version for all products. Products are sorted by origin. You can purchase on the pages if you choose to.

All books/guides are digital. All books/guides can be downloaded for $1, and all funds will go to Foodbank - the home of food for those in need.


Australian Chef's Knife | The "Big Red" | Custom - Koi Knives
Australians Chef's Knife | The "Dingo" Knife - Koi Knives
Australian Mini Chopper | The "Koala" Knife - Koi Knives
BBQ Fillet Knife | Barramundi - Koi Knives
BBQ Cimeter/Slicer | The Brolga - Koi Knives