Aussie-Themed Gifts for That Special Someone

Aussie-Themed Gifts for That Special Someone

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Aussie-themed gifts, celebrating Australia's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. As diverse as the land down under itself, these gifts encapsulate the essence of Australian spirit and ingenuity. 

At the heart of this collection lies the "Big Red Range," a curated selection of high-quality knives embodying the essence of Australian craftsmanship and innovation. From the rugged outback to the bustling cities, these gifts are a testament to Australia's unique identity.

Embark on an excursion through the Australian landscape, where tradition intertwines with modernity in every blade.

Gifts for Various Price Points in the Big Red Range

Our diverse array of knives within the Big Red Range caters to various price points without compromising quality. From essential tools to premium sets, there's an option for every budget.

Explore our selection for under $250, featuring the versatile Kookaburra, the charming Koala, the agile Barramundi, the precise Devil, and the adaptable Joey. Each knife embodies craftsmanship and functionality, making it an ideal gift for culinary enthusiasts.

Step up to the under $300 category with the Wallaby and Dingo knives, combining performance with affordability. These knives boast robust construction and ergonomic designs, ensuring reliability in the kitchen.

For those seeking elevated options, explore the under $350 range, including the iconic Big Red, the formidable Great White, and the sturdy Wombat. These knives exemplify excellence, making them perfect gifts for discerning chefs.

Intrigued? Elevate your culinary adventures with the perfect knife, curated for your passion.

Under $250 Options: Kookaburra, Koala, Barramundi, Devil, Joey

This collection presents a diverse range of knives to meet various culinary needs.

Kookaburra: This paring knife is designed for intricate tasks in BBQ preparation and is ideal for segmenting oranges, deveining prawns, and scoring meat. With a blade length of 96mm and a weight of 170g, its VG10 steel construction ensures durability and a razor-sharp edge. The Australian wood handle adds a touch of authenticity.

Koala: Smaller yet versatile, the Koala mini chopper excels in small chopping and garnishes. With a blade length of 102mm and a weight of 195g, its sandblast finish and stainless steel clad ensure resilience against corrosion. The handle, crafted from Australian wood burl, adds uniqueness to each piece.

Barramundi: This fillet knife, with a blade length of 190mm, is perfect for larger fish and thicker bones. Designed in collaboration with local sport fishermen, its rigid construction and fine tip offer precision in filleting. The Australian wood handle complements its VG10 steel core.

Devil: Specialized for boning tasks, the Devil knife features a curved back and slender profile for maximum control. With a blade length of 152mm, its VG10 steel construction ensures longevity and sharpness. The Australian wood handle enhances grip and aesthetics.

Joey: A small chef's knife, the Joey is versatile and perfect for various kitchen tasks. With a blade length of 152mm, its VG10 steel construction and sandblast finish ensure durability and a non-stick surface. The Australian wood handle adds character to this essential tool. 

Precision-crafted knives blending professional functionality with aesthetics.

Under $300 Options: Wallaby, Dingo

Wallaby: Our latest addition to the Big Red family is the smaller, agile cousin to the Kangaroo. Crafted with VG10 steel and a sandblast finish, this small chef's knife is a kitchen multitasker. With a blade length of 185mm, it effortlessly handles various kitchen tasks. 

The sandblasting adds a touch of Australian sandy landscapes and creates a non-stick surface for smooth slicing through vegetables. Ideal for those who prefer a versatile, all-purpose knife.

Dingo: Inspired by the Australian outback's wild dog, the Dingo knife is an all-purpose wonder with a long, thick blade. This 200mm knife boasts VG10 steel construction with a sandblast finish, delivering power through every cut. Its unique design, with extra heft toward the tip, enhances slicing efficiency. 

Perfect for those seeking a sturdy, all-purpose knife that excels in precision and power, making it a kitchen essential.

Under $350 Options: Big Red, Great White, Wombat

Are you looking for exceptional knives under $350? Meet our Big Red, Great White, and Wombat selections, each offering unparalleled value and versatility.

Big Red: Crafted as the backbone of our collection, Big Red guarantees durability and strength. With a 220mm blade made of VG10 steel, it promises endurance and precision in every cut. Its Australian wood handle provides balance and grip, ensuring comfort during extended use.

Great White: Inspired by the Japanese Deba knife, Great White boasts a 187mm blade perfect for all-purpose prep work. Its double bevel and thick belly offer superior slicing power, making it ideal for both meat and vegetables. With a sandblast finish, it effortlessly glides through ingredients, enhancing efficiency in the kitchen.

Wombat: The ultimate chopper, Wombat features a 170mm 5-layered VG10 core blade. Its full tang construction and Australian wood handle ensure durability and balance, making it an indispensable tool for professional chefs and home cooks.

Upgrade your culinary experience without breaking the bank—check out our under $350 options today.

Under $750 Options: 3 Piece Sets "Starter Set"

In giftable options under $750, the 3-piece starter sets are practical and versatile choices.

Ninja Collection: Crafted for those who prefer a minimalist approach, each knife in this set boasts a subtle elegance. With red and white spacers nestled between the blade and the black handle, the Ninja Collection exudes understated charm. Ideal for those seeking knives that seamlessly blend into any kitchen, this collection embodies Japanese precision and craftsmanship.

Rainbow Collection: Since its inception, it has captured hearts with its vibrant hues and undeniable allure. Inspired by the natural beauty of the rainbow, this set features knives with G10 rainbow handles and VG10 Japanese Damascus steel blades. Each knife is a testament to artistry and functionality, combining striking aesthetics with unparalleled performance.


Petty Knife: Blade Length 210mm, Weight 226g

Gyuto Knife: Blade Length 210mm, Weight 226g

Nakiri: Blade Length 170mm, Weight 240g

Whether you lean towards the sleek sophistication of the Ninja Collection or the vibrant charm of the Rainbow Collection, these sets promise to elevate your culinary experience to new heights.

Under $1500 Options: 6 Knife Sets

We offer two exceptional options in knife collections under $1500: the Rainbow Collection and the Ninja Collection. Each set comprises six knives crafted to elevate your culinary prowess while maintaining affordability.

Rainbow Collection: For those who prefer sleek yet understated knives, the Rainbow Collection delivers sophistication without overwhelming colour. Featuring subtle red and white spacers between the blade and the black handle, these knives bring Japanese craftsmanship to your kitchen with finesse.

Ninja Collection: For aficionados seeking minimalist elegance, the Ninja Collection strikes the perfect balance. Its subtle red and white spacers exude Japanese heritage while maintaining a sleek and understated appearance.

Both collections include the following knives:

  1. Petty Knife: Blade Length: 210mm, Weight: 226g
  2. Kiritsuke Knife: Blade Length: 210mm, Weight: 226g
  3. Gyuto Knife: Blade Length: 210mm, Weight: 226g
  4. Pankiri (Serrated Bread Knife): Blade Length: 210mm, Weight: 226g
  5. Nakiri (Vegetable Chopper): Blade Length: 170mm, Weight: 240g
  6. Large Chef's Knife: Blade Length: 210mm, Weight: 226g

These knives are constructed from high-carbon VG10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel and boast exceptional edge retention and durability. VG10's higher chromium content ensures stainless performance, while G10 handles provide resilience against extreme temperatures.


The Big Red Range offers an array of Aussie-themed gifts perfect for any occasion. Each knife embodies Australian craftsmanship and functionality, from the versatile Kookaburra to the sturdy Wombat. Whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, there's a knife to suit your needs and budget. 

Explore our collection and elevate your culinary experience today. Don't settle for ordinary gifts; choose something genuinely exceptional. 

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