The Best Aussie-Inspired Knives

The Best Aussie-Inspired Knives

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Introducing our Aussie-inspired knife collection, where each blade tells a story inspired by iconic Australian animals. Meet the Big Red, Wallaby, The Joey, and more. These knives embody the spirit of Australia's wildlife, blending rugged durability with sleek design. Crafted with precision, they reflect the kangaroo's agility, the crocodile's strength, and the wombat's versatility. 

Our collection celebrates Australian faunas' unique characteristics, from the crocodile's sharp teeth to the round shapes of the wombats and koalas. With handles inspired by the colours of the ocean, bush, and desert, our knives pay homage to the diverse landscapes of Australia. 

Join us on a journey through the outback with our Aussie-inspired knives, where every cut tells a tale of adventure and tradition.

Design Inspiration

Symbolism plays a significant role in the design of these knives. The Big Red, Wallaby, and Joey knives, while varying in size, share the same fundamental shape, reminiscent of the diverse species of kangaroos found throughout Australia. The blades' curvature and contours mirror these remarkable creatures' graceful movements, paying homage to their significance in Australian culture and heritage.

Furthermore, the Crocodile-inspired Bread Knife boasts sharp serrations reminiscent of the fearsome teeth of Australia's apex predator. This serrated design enables effortless slicing through crusty bread and delicate pastries, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of the crocodile in its natural habitat.

The round shapes of the chopper knives, resembling wombats and koalas, symbolise the gentle yet sturdy nature of these beloved Australian marsupials. Just as wombats and koalas easily navigate through the bush, these knives effortlessly handle various cutting tasks in the kitchen, making them indispensable tools for culinary enthusiasts.

The Sandblasting Technique

Sandblasting is a vital technique in knife manufacturing, involving the propulsion of abrasive materials at high speeds to clean, shape, or texture surfaces. In the context of knife handles, sandblasting serves several key purposes. 

Firstly, it efficiently eliminates surface contaminants, rust, and imperfections, ensuring a clean and uniform surface for subsequent finishing processes. This initial preparation enhances the durability and longevity of the handles.

Furthermore, the sandblasting process imbues the handles with a unique texture, resembling the natural ruggedness of Australian beaches and deserts. This textural quality adds visual interest and provides a tactile grip that enhances handling and control, particularly in challenging conditions. 

Additionally, the sandblasted finish adds a unique aesthetic appeal, giving the knives a distinctively rugged and natural appearance reminiscent of the Australian terrain.

Handle Colours

In Aussie-inspired knives, handle colours serve as typical representations of Australia's diverse landscapes. Turquoise signifies the vast ocean surrounding the continent, capturing its depth and mystery. Green reflects the lushness of the bush and forests, where life flourishes in abundance. Red represents the arid desert sands, reflecting the harsh yet breathtaking beauty of the outback.

These handle colours add aesthetic appeal and evoke the essence of Australia's natural wonders. From the serene coastal shores to the dense wilderness and the rugged desert terrain, each colour tells a story of resilience and beauty ingrained in the Australian landscape.

Knife Descriptions and Specifications

This section explores each knife's unique features and specifications within the Aussie Inspired Knife Collection, offering a comprehensive guide for potential buyers.

The Big Red (Chef's Knife)

Designed as the backbone of our collection, The Big Red boasts a robust VG10 steel construction with a sandblast finish. With a blade length of 220mm (8.75") and an overall length of 356mm (14"), it strikes a balance between power and precision. Weighing 330g (11.64oz), it's a durable companion in any kitchen, showcasing HRC 60-62 hardness.

The Joey (Petty Knife)

As the smaller counterpart to The Big Red, The Joey is a versatile Petty Knife with a blade length of 152mm (6"). With a weight of 200g (7.05oz) and an HRC of 60-62, it promises exceptional manoeuvrability and sharpness. Crafted with the same VG10 high carbon Japanese steel and sandblast finish, The Joey is a must-have for intricate tasks.

The Croc (Serrated Bread Knife)

Functioning as the indispensable bread knife, The Croc exhibits a distinctive 1.4116 high-carbon German steel construction. The serrated edge, unique to this knife, enhances durability. With a blade length of 230mm (9") and an HRC of 60-62, it effortlessly slices through various textures.

The Wallaby (Small Chef's Knife)

The Wallaby is a smaller chef's knife with a blade length of 185mm (7.28"). Mirroring the design principles of The Big Red, The Wallaby caters to those who prefer a more agile tool without compromising on performance.

The Wombat (Chopper)

For heavy-duty chopping, The Wombat emerges as the ultimate choice. Boasting a 5-layered steel blade with a VG10 core, it combines strength and balance. With a blade length of 170mm (6.75") and weighing 330g (11.64oz), it's a powerhouse in the kitchen.

The Dingo (All-Purpose Knife)

Balancing versatility and functionality, The Dingo features a 200mm (7.75") blade, making it an ideal all-purpose knife. With a thickness of 3mm (0.118") and a weight of 290g (10.22oz), it ensures a seamless transition between various cutting tasks.

The Koala (Mini Chopper)

Crafted for precision, The Koala is a mini chopper with a 102mm (4") blade. Weighing 195g (6.87oz), it strikes a delicate balance between control and sharpness.


In conclusion, the Aussie-Inspired Knife Collection encapsulates the spirit of Australian craftsmanship. Each knife tells a unique story, from design inspiration drawn from iconic animals to meticulous crafting. Quality craftsmanship meets design aesthetics, ensuring a blend of functionality and artistic allure. 

Explore this collection, a testament to the rich tapestry of Australian landscapes. Elevate your culinary experience with knives that echo the beauty and strength of the land Down Under. Experience the essence of Australian craftsmanship firsthand – where every slice tells a tale of precision and artistry.

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