Brisbane Gyuto Knife

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First Gyuto Knife in Brisbane...

Brisbane is the town known well for bananas however there are numerous other ingredients grown and farmed in the state of Queensland leading the use of Japanese knives (you could probably go without knives if all you ate was bananas).

Our first customer, (a mystery customer) is a lover of BBQ's so they ordered a collection of three Japanese Knives to commence their toolkit when making a BBQ.

The first knife chosen was the Gyuto Knife - the most versatile knife, and the most commonly used knife we have ever made. This knife can be used for just about everything other than long slicing or bone bashing. It's the perfect knife for onions, tomatoes, etc - all fruits and vegetables other than pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

The second Japanese knife chosen was the Bunka. The Bunka fils i the gaps where the Gyuto does not. It has a thick spine meaning it cops down hard on starchy fruits and vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes and is layered with dimples meaning these starchy vegetables are less likely to stick.

The final Japanese Knife chosen to complete the Damascus knife collection was the petty knife. The petty Knife is the knife chosen for more intricate work - whether that is slicing strawberries, peeling pears and apples for your kids packed lunch or engraving someones name into melon peel - this is your blade.

We were asked for a maroon handle - that's something we are still working on....



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