The Chef’s Best Friend - Knives for the Commercial Kitchen

The Chef’s Best Friend - Knives for the Commercial Kitchen

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In a bustling commercial kitchen or a cozy neighborhood restaurant, knives are super important for making delicious meals. The perfect knife can help with chopping veggies or cutting fish just right. That's where G10-handled knives come in—they're dependable tools for tough cooking jobs. These knife handles are made of a mix of resin and fiberglass, which makes them strong and easy to hold, perfect for busy kitchens. 

Because they're well-built and designed to fit comfortably in your hand, chefs worldwide rely on G10-handled knives to help them cook quickly and accurately, ensuring every dish is prepared perfectly.

The Ninja and Rainbow Collections: Sleek, Colorful, and Versatile Knives

In a busy commercial kitchen, time is precious, and being precise is super important. That's why having the perfect tools is a big deal. The Ninja and Rainbow Collections are two sets of knives made specially to meet and even beat the tough standards of professional chefs. 

Overview of each knife in both collections with specifications 

1. Paring Knife

   - Ninja Collection:

     - Sleek design with a black handle and subtle red and white spacers

     - Perfect for intricate tasks like peeling and garnishing

   - Rainbow Collection:

     - Vibrant G10 rainbow handle for a pop of color in the kitchen

     - Ideal for precision tasks requiring finesse

2. Petty Knife

   - Ninja Collection:

     - Versatile blade size for slicing and dicing smaller ingredients

     - Ergonomic handle for comfortable use

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Precision blade with impeccable craftsmanship

     - Suitable for a wide range of culinary tasks

3. Santoku Knife

   - Ninja Collection

     - Multi-purpose design for chopping and slicing

     - Unique granton edge for reduced friction and sticking

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Stylish and functional with a distinctive G10 rainbow handle

     - Excellent balance and control for precise cutting

4. Kiritsuke Knife

   - Ninja Collection

     - K-tip chef's knife for versatile cutting techniques

     - Japanese-inspired design for professional chefs

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Eye-catching design with impeccable craftsmanship

     - Precision blade for intricate cutting tasks

5. Gyuto Knife

   - Ninja Collection

     - Japanese equivalent of a Western chef's knife

     - Unparalleled balance and control for various cutting techniques

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Functional and stylish design for culinary enthusiasts

     - Exceptional edge retention for long-lasting performance

6. Large Chef's Knife

   - Ninja Collection

     - Essential tool for professional chefs in commercial kitchens

     - Robust blade for cutting through meats and vegetables with ease

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Versatile knife with a vibrant G10 rainbow handle

     - Suitable for a wide range of culinary tasks

7. Pankiri (Serrated Bread Knife)

   - Ninja Collection

     - Serrated edge for effortless bread slicing

     - Ergonomic handle for comfortable use

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Stylish and functional design for bread lovers

     - Precision blade for clean and uniform slices

8. Nakiri (Vegetable Chopper)

   - Ninja Collection

     - Flat blade with a straight edge design for chopping vegetables

     - Ideal for professional chefs and home cooks alike

   - Rainbow Collection

     - Vibrant G10 rainbow handle for a touch of color in the kitchen

     - Efficient blade for slicing and dicing vegetables with precision

Advantages of the Ninja and Rainbow Collections in commercial kitchens

In busy kitchens, having the right tools makes a big difference. The Ninja and Rainbow Collections give chefs a great mix of style, usefulness, and strength, making them the best partners for cooking well. Whether experienced or starting out, these knives will help you make even better meals.

The Patina Collection

Welcome to the Patina Collection, a lineup of knives built to withstand the rigors of professional kitchens. These knives are not just tools; they're companions for chefs navigating the bustling environment of a commercial kitchen. With a focus on durability and functionality, the Patina Collection is designed to tackle the most challenging tasks easily.

Overview of each knife in the collection

  1. The Dingo (Utility Knife)

    - Versatile knife with a sturdy 200mm blade

    - Ideal for a variety of cutting tasks in professional kitchens

      Benefits of G10 Handles and Forced Patina Finish

    - Durable construction ensures longevity

    - Enhanced corrosion resistance for reliability in harsh kitchen environments

  1. The Wallaby (Chef's Knife)

    - Chef's knife featuring an 185mm blade with a deep curve

    - Effortless roll cutting of larger items

      Benefits of G10 Handles and Forced Patina Finish

    - Secure grip for precise control

    - Dishwasher-safe design for easy maintenance

  1. The Platypus (Vegetable Chopper)

    - Vegetable chopper with a 150mm blade

    - Flatter cutting edge for efficient chopping

      Benefits of G10 Handles and Forced Patina Finish

    - Provides heft for tackling ingredients with ease

    - Character-enhancing forced patina finish ensures durability

Benefits of G10 Handles and Forced Patina Finish 

G10 handles offer exceptional durability, ensuring a secure grip even in the busiest kitchens. Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe, making them suitable for commercial use where hygiene is paramount. The forced patina finish adds character to the knives and enhances their corrosion resistance, ensuring they stand the test of time in harsh kitchen environments.

Special Considerations for Commercial Kitchens

Busy kitchen environments demand tools that can withstand the daily grind, from slicing through tough meats to dicing mountains of vegetables. Great knives are designed to endure heat, moisture, and constant use, ensuring they stay sharp and reliable when you need them most.

HACCP Approval in Food Service Establishments

However, durability isn't the only consideration in a commercial kitchen. Food safety is paramount, which is why HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)—a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling food safety hazards—is crucial for all equipment, including knives. HACCP certification ensures that the tools you use meet the highest hygiene and safety standards, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses.

Why Wood Handles Are Not Allowed

Many hotels and large-scale commercial kitchens have strict regulations against wood handles due to their potential for harboring bacteria and moisture. Even with meticulous cleaning routines, residual moisture and food debris can linger within the wood's microscopic crevices, providing an ideal environment for bacterial growth. 

That's why G10 or Micarta handles are often preferred—they're non-porous, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture, making them ideal for maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment. So, when outfitting your kitchen, opt for knives that not only withstand the rigors of the job but also meet the stringent requirements of food safety standards.


When chefs choose knives with G10 handles, they ensure they're reliable and easy to care for, which is crucial in fast-paced pro kitchens. So, when looking at many knife options, think about the practical benefits of G10 handles that withstand tough use and meet industry standards. Having the right knife helps you cook great food and run kitchens smoothly.

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