The Koi Carving Collection

The Koi Carving Collection

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Carving knives have been essential tools in kitchens for centuries, tracing back to ancient civilisations.

Today, we introduce The Koi Carving Collection, showcasing three exceptional knives: The Brolga, The Jamon, and The Sujihiki.

Did you know? Carving knives were previously made only by skilled blacksmiths.

Now, we blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to offer knives that enhance your cooking experience. 

Prepare to carve with precision and flair like never before with The Koi Carving Collection.

We will discuss the details of each knife, from its beginnings to its unique performance. 

The Brolga: BBQ Cimeter/Slicer

The Brolga steps up to the plate like a seasoned chef when carving up a feast fit for a king.

This impressive tool is a showstopper and a real game-changer in BBQ and butchery.

Envision being at the grill, surrounded by hungry onlookers, and with The Brolga in hand, you're ready to carve up some serious meat magic.

Design and purpose

The Brolga knife is more than just good-looking. It's made to do its job well. Whether cutting brisket or chopping ribs, this knife is always ready to handle any BBQ or butchery job easily.


The Brolga packs a punch without feeling cumbersome, with a blade length of 270mm and an overall length of 402mm. At just 260 grams, it's light enough to handle with finesse but sturdy enough to make those precise cuts that make all the difference. And with an HRC rating of 60-61, you know you're getting a blade that's as tough as nails.


The Brolga is carefully crafted with skill to show excellent craftsmanship. It's made in South Australia by Shannon, who's a second-generation blacksmith. It blends form and function beautifully. Japanese VG10 steel ensures a sharp, long-lasting edge, and the Australian wood handles add a rustic charm to its design.

Comparison of weight and construction to other knives in the collection

What makes The Brolga stand out from the other knives in the collection? It's all about the details. With its 50/50 double bevel edge, this knife effortlessly slices through meat, ensuring every cut is precise. Its unique design also helps retain moisture during carving, keeping your meat juicy and flavorful throughout.


Whether hosting a backyard BBQ or cooking for a gathering, The Brolga is the knife that will elevate your carving skills with its unmatched combination of quality, craftsmanship, and performance.

The Jamon: Hammered Slicer

The Jamon is your kitchen star! It's not just for gammon anymore—this slicer is super versatile. Whether you're cutting through delicious ham or a juicy steak, the Jamon is the one you need.


The Jamon boasts a blade length of 278mm and stands tall at 20mm. Its spine width ranges from 1.9 to 2.1mm, and the full-length clocks are 405mm. But what about weight? At just 180 grams, it's light as a feather. The Jamon knife is made from top-quality materials. Its blade is crafted from a 33-layer steel, making it super strong and sharp. 


How does the Jamon compare to its carving comrades? Well, it's lighter than the Brolga and a touch shorter than the Sujihiki, but don't let its size fool you—it packs a punch.

Three-Step Blade Perfection

Here's how the magic works with the Jamon's blade perfection: slicing, sliding, and separating. First, its super sharp edge cuts through any ingredient easily. Then, its 33-layer steel lets food move smoothly along. But the coolest part? Those hammered ripples. They look fantastic and make tiny air pockets, so nothing sticks to the blade. It's like magic but even better.

Performance and User Experience

The Jamon handles everything from ham to sushi to Wagyu steaks with finesse. But don't just take our word for it—our customers rave about its versatility and effectiveness. So, slice, dice, and conquer with the Jamon by your side.

The Sujihiki: Muscle Cutter Carving Knife

Our 'Sujihiki' is a standout in any kitchen or dining setting. Crafted from high-carbon Japanese steel from Aichi, it boasts a durable edge ideal for slicing. Plus, if you're looking for a knife that stays sharp for the long haul, this is for you.

Specifications and Construction

This muscle cutter boasts specifications that ensure top-notch performance. Its blade length is 260mm, its overall length is 370mm, and its thickness is 2.8mm, striking a perfect balance between agility and durability. Weighing 215g, it feels like an extension of your hand, allowing for effortless maneuverability. The HRC rating of 58-60 ensures the knife holds its edge through countless slicing tasks.


The Sujihiki is a work of art made from high-carbon AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel. The intricate layering enhances its visual appeal and contributes to its strength and resilience. As you hold the Sujihiki in your hand, you can feel the quality of its construction, setting it apart from others in the collection.

Functionality and Technique

The Sujihiki is purpose-built for slicing tasks, excelling in its ability to glide effortlessly through meats and other ingredients. Unlike Yanagiba knives, the Sujihiki features a double-sided design, offering flexibility without compromising precision. 


In the words of a wise Japanese proverb, "The final stroke of a dish should be the same as the movement of a bow over a violin in an orchestra—one smooth movement." The Sujihiki embodies this philosophy. Whether you're slicing delicate sashimi or hearty steaks, the Sujihiki delivers consistent results every time.


Each knife in the Koi Carving Collection—the Brolga, The Jamon, and The Sujihiki—brings its unique style to the table.

The Brolga stands out with its robust build and BBQ skills.

Meanwhile, The Jamon's hammered finish adds an artistic flair to its versatile slicing abilities.

Lastly, The Sujihiki catches the eye with its sleek design and precise cutting.

So why wait? There's a knife here for you.

Explore the collection further and discover the perfect tool to enhance your carving skills.


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