The Gyuto Knife - Mach 1 v Mach 2

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The first knife we ever made at Koi Knives was (and always will be) the Gyuto Knife.

It's essentially the Japanese equivalent of a chefs knife - an all purpose knife that can chop, slice and dice just about anything....

When we launched the knife (around 2018) we were extremely proud of what we made. We did a batch of 100 Gyuto knives and they were absorbed quicker than we expected. It took time to make further batches.

Ever since we have we have had an itch.... this knife is great - but what can we do better. After far too many samples, playing the the blade shape, the steel, the wood, the handle shape, etc, etc we have finally reached the APEX again.

Introducing the Gyuto Knife - Mach 2.

Whilst we could write a very long article about all the tweaks we made their is essentially 3 main differences that we have pursued that have taken our knife to the next level.

Gyuto Knife Mach 1 & Gyuto Knife Mach 2 - 3 Main differences...

1. Lighter

One of the fundamental differences between Japanese chefs knives and Western Knives is weight. Our first knife came in around 230 grams (it varies a little based on wood/resin handle which changes from one to the other). By sharpening back the blade and slightly reducing the spine of the knife we have managed to reduce the weight to around 180 grams.

2. Sharper

When crafting the Gyuto Knife Mach 2 we decided to take a slightly more aggressive approach by shifting the knife blade edge from angle of 15% to 12%. Whilst this may seem slight we noticed a vastly increased sharpness to the blade and have found this has made the blade itself move through whatever is being sliced faster than ever before.

3. Faster / Prettier

The lightened weight and slightly straightened curvature has meant that the speed of use can be as fast as we've ever done before. Whether you are slicing tomatoes, onions, pears, apples or celery this is one of the fastest machines we have ever made. In addition to improved speed we have focused on our love since day 1 - the look and feel of the knife. The handle is made from Australian wood (over 100 woods to choose from just in Mclaren Vale, SA) and we are proud of our latest Australian wooden handle collection - it's just prettier :)

If you prefer videos you can see what is discussed in the Gyuto knife video below....

If you'd like to see the collection we currently have in the shed you can visit our Gyuto collection page here - Gyuto Knife Collection.


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