Gyuto Knife - The TOP 3 Test!

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The Gyuto Knife is the most commonly purchased and commonly used knife we have ever made. So our knife must of course pass the TOP test - tomato, Onion and paper. Below are the findings from the Gyuto Knife - "Mach 2."

Test 1 - The Gyuto Knife Tomato Test

In the tomato test you will see the Gyuto is being used as a slicer, rather than a chopper. To be clear it is slicing at around 45 degrees by starting at the heel and drawing back towards the knife holder. This is the smoothest cut as there is no need to push down on the blade as often happens when chopping which can, depending on blade sharpness, leave much of the vegetable moisture on the chopping board. The Gyuto knife when used as a slicer leaves the tomato in tact.

Both videos/tests can be observed below...

Test 2 - The Gyuto Knife Onion Test

The onion is one of the most commonly cut vegetables and many people ask what is the best knife to use when cutting onions? The short answer is that the best two knifes are the Nakiri knife and the Gyuto knife.

For extremely high speed downward chopping the Nakiri knife is the preferred knife due to it's flat blade at the bottom. For those looking to slice and do the cleanest cut possible the Gyuto knife is the knife to turn to. Both the Gyuto and the Nakiri are blades which have slim spines and sharp edges so they are both remarkable smooth and quick in dissecting an onion.

Test 3 - The Gyuto Knife Paper Test

The results are in the video. Nothing more to write. Long live the Gyuto Knife :)

From the 3 tests above we see why the Gyuto Knife is the most commonly used and purchased Japanese style chefs knife that is loved in kitchens the world over.

If you'd like to see what we have in stock in the shed right now you can see here - The Gyuto Knife Collection.

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