The Power of the Paring Knife

The Power of the Paring Knife

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Did you know that "paring" comes from the word "pare," which means to trim or peel?

These little tools may seem simple, but they're mighty in the kitchen.

Today, we're shining a light on the BBQ Paring Knife, Hammered Paring, Kyoto Paring, and Ninja Paring.

Each of the knives has its unique features and strengths. 

We will begin by understanding the dynamics of steel and handles. It's important to grasp how these components work together to enhance your culinary experience. 

  • The Kookaburra

  • Meet our ultimate companion for precise BBQ preparation. Though small in size, it packs a punch. Whether you're segmenting oranges or deveining prawns, this tool easily tackles every task.


    Here's the scoop on the Kookaburra's specs: The blade is 96mm long, and the whole knife is 222mm. It fits nicely in your hand, giving you precise control. Made with Japanese VG10 steel, it stays sharp for a long time. Plus, it has Australian wood handles, giving it a mix of strength and style.


    The knife is made by Shannon, a second-generation blacksmith in South Australia, and is a perfect example of skilled workmanship. Its robust construction, corrosion resistance, and 50/50 double bevel edge sharpened to a 15° angle make it a go-to tool for BBQ lovers.

  • The Osaka/Hammered Paring

  • Ever heard of a knife that's as much a work of art as it is a kitchen tool? That's the Osaka/Hammered paring knife for you. The blade is not just sharp but also boasts a unique hammered texture. Thanks to those intricate ripples on the blade, each slice comes with its own signature touch.

    Blade Perfection: The Three-Step Approach

    Let's talk about how this knife is made. It's about how it looks and how well it works. We have a three-step process to make sure it cuts perfectly every time. First, there's the sharp edge that slices effortlessly. Then, the layered steel makes sure nothing sticks to the blade. And finally, those hammered ripples? They create tiny air pockets, so your ingredients glide off without a hitch.

    Design and Purpose

    But here's the kicker. This blade isn't just for cutting stuff. It's also attractive to look at. The bumpy texture looks great and adds functionality by reducing friction. Plus, it gives the knife a rustic charm that's hard to resist. So, whether you're prepping veggies or impressing guests with your culinary skills, the Osaka/Hammered paring knife is what you need.

  • The Kyoto Paring Knife: Koi Kyoto

  • Crafted carefully, the Koi Kyoto Paring Knife is a tale of love etched in steel. Each slice tells the story of our founder - Ramon's parents' serendipitous meeting in Kyoto, a city steeped in tradition and romance.

    Features and Specifications

    Gentle curves and graceful lines define the Koi Kyoto, mirroring the timeless beauty of its namesake city. With a bamboo-finished blade and an ebony wood handle, this knife exudes elegance in every detail. At 90mm in length, it's a perfect balance of form and function, ideal for intricate culinary tasks.

    Bamboo Finish and Ebony Wood Handle

    Inspired by Kyoto's rich cultural heritage, the Koi Kyoto embraces tradition with its bamboo-finished blade and luxurious ebony wood handle. This fusion of modern craftsmanship and ancient allure makes it a true masterpiece in the kitchen.

  • The Ninja Paring Knife: Mini Chefs

  • This is a small but powerful addition to your kitchen tools. Despite its small size, this knife is always ready to handle any slicing task smoothly. Its spear-tip profile and strong handle make it ideal for precise tasks or quick chops on the cutting board.

    VG10 67 Layer Composition

    Made from VG10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, this blade showcases the artistry of modern metallurgy. VG10 steel is famous for its superb edge retention, keeping your knife sharp through many slicing sessions. The 67 layers create a striking appearance and improve durability and strength.

    Sleek Design

    The Ninja collection is just suitable for both style and usefulness. It has a smooth black handle with a little bit of red and white added in, giving it a Japanese look that's classy but not too showy. If you like kitchen tools that are elegant but not too loud, this is the perfect pick for you.

    The Ninja Paring Knife boasts impressive specifications: Blade Length: 210mm (8.26"), Overall Length: 360mm (14.17"), Blade Thickness: 2.2mm (0.086"), Weight: 226g (7.23oz), HRC: 60-61.

    Paring Knife Uses

    Slicing and Cleaning

    When you need precise cutting, the paring knife is your best friend. It's great for tasks like slicing prawns and cleaning them or cutting oranges neatly into segments.

    Fine Chopping

    Imagine effortlessly slicing strawberries or chopping grapes. That's where the paring knife excels. It's small and accurate, making chopping even the tiniest fruits and herbs easy.

    Decorating and Trimming

    Want to make your dish look extra special? Reach for the paring knife to decorate and trim. Whether carving patterns into vegetables or trimming herbs neatly, this little knife helps take your cooking to the next level.

    Maintenance and Care

    Washing and Drying

    Opt for hand washing with warm, soapy water to keep your paring knives in top-notch condition. Gently scrub away any food residue and rinse thoroughly. Then, dry them right away—no lingering water droplets allowed. This helps prevent rust and keeps the blades sharp for longer.

    Oiling with Camellia Oil

    Remember to take care of your handles! Treat them with Camellia oil to keep the wood strong and healthy. Just put a little oil on the handle and rub it in. This makes them look better and last longer, so they're ready for all your kitchen fun.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you're gearing up for a casual BBQ or preparing a fancy dinner party, paring knives are essential tools. They tackle the little tasks effortlessly, making your cooking journey smoother.

    Selecting the right paring knife enhances your cooking skills and brings out the best in your culinary creations. Whether it's the Kookaburra, Osaka/Hammered, Kyoto, or Ninja, each option empowers you to slice, dice, and garnish like a seasoned chef.

    Now that you understand paring knives better, feel confident in the kitchen. Enjoy cooking, explore your inner chef, and make your dishes better with precision and flair.

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