The Top 3 Outdoor Knives by Koi

The Top 3 Outdoor Knives by Koi

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Welcome to the world of Koi knives, where craftsmanship meets the wilderness. Choosing the right outdoor knife is an important decision for every adventurer. Now, let’s explore the trio of outdoor companions - The Noah, The Fossicker, and The Bushman. These knives act as tools and form part of your outdoor gear. 

Follow along as we discover the unique features and benefits of each, helping you find the perfect blade for your next adventure. It’s more than just a knife; it’s your trusted companion in the great outdoors.

I. The Noah

The Noah stands tall among outdoor knives with its compact design and robust functionality. Sporting a pocket-friendly build, it’s your go-to companion for everyday adventures. The Noah boasts a sleek profile that fits snugly in your pocket. Its compact yet sturdy construction makes it a reliable tool for various tasks in the great outdoors.

Key Specifications

  • Blade Length: 81mm
  • Overall Length: 189mm
  • Folded Length: 108mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 101g

Unique Features and Benefits

The Noah doesn’t just pack small; it delivers big. A built-in belt clip ensures easy access and secure carrying wherever you roam. Its visual appeal and practicality make it a top choice for those seeking a pocket-sized knife that doesn’t compromise performance.

II. The Fossicker

The Fossicker is a versatile companion for nature enthusiasts and outdoor explorers. This finely crafted knife embodies functionality and elegance, making it an essential tool for your wilderness adventures.

Key Specifications

  • Blade Length: 82mm
  • Overall Length: 194mm 
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 125g 

Distinctive Features and Benefits

Crafted with an olive wood handle, The Fossicker exudes a natural charm while providing a comfortable grip during prolonged use. Its lightweight design ensures effortless manoeuvrability, making it ideal for various tasks, from mushroom foraging to outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

Enhanced Functionality

The Fossicker boasts a choil for sharpening ease, allowing you to maintain its razor-sharp edge precisely. Its full tang construction ensures durability and reliability in challenging environments, giving you the confidence to tackle any outdoor task easily.

With its specialised design and thoughtful features, The Fossicker stands out as a reliable companion for nature enthusiasts seeking quality and performance in their outdoor gear. Whether foraging for mushrooms or exploring the wilderness, The Fossicker is ready to accompany you on your next adventure.

III. The Bushman

The Bushman stands as a testament to rugged durability and versatility, earning its reputation as the go-to tool for those who brave the wilderness. Designed as a survival and camping companion, The Bushman embodies resilience and functionality in every aspect of its construction.

Key Specifications

- Blade Length, Overall Length, Blade Thickness, Weight

The Bushman boasts a 180mm (7”) blade, providing ample reach for various tasks. With an overall length of 315mm (12.4”), it strikes a balance between portability and functionality. The 3.4mm (0.133”) blade thickness ensures robust performance while maintaining a manageable weight of 240g (8.4oz).

Highlighting Multifunctional Features

- Bottle Opener, Spine Serrations, Hollow at Handle Butt

The Bushman doesn’t just cut; it conquers. Its spine serrations aid in sawing, cutting, and scuffing, while the integrated bottle opener adds a touch of convenience. The hollow handle butt serves a dual purpose — allowing for a lanyard strap and offering versatility in usage.

Material Choice and Its Impact on Durability:

- Sandvick 12C27N from Sweden, G10 Handle, TORX Screws

A knife is only as good as its materials. The Bushman features Sandvick 12C27N steel from Sweden, heat-treated to 58-59 HRC. This steel strikes the perfect balance between hardness and ease of sharpening. The G10 handle, known for military-grade durability, is secured with TORX screws, allowing for potential handle replacements after rigorous use.

Showcasing Variations in Handles and Sheath Options

The Bushman isn’t one-size-fits-all. With options like G10, Oak, and Red Gum handles, you can choose a knife that aligns with your aesthetic and functional preferences. As for the sheath, it comes in a standard design, crafted to complement your outdoor style.

Selecting the Ideal Blade for Your Needs

Now that we’ve explored the individual strengths of The Noah, The Fossicker, and The Bushman, let’s do a quick side-by-side to help you make an informed decision.

Weight, Blade Length, and Overall Length

  • The Noah: Light at 101g, with an 81mm blade and 189mm overall length.
  • The Fossicker: Slightly heavier at 125g, featuring an 82mm blade and 194mm overall length.
  • The Bushman: Heftier at 240g, boasting a 180mm blade and 315mm overall length.

Special Features

  • The Noah: Compact with a convenient belt clip.
  • The Fossicker: Delicate, versatile design for various outdoor tasks.
  • The Bushman: A true multitasker with a bottle opener, spine serrations, and more.

Determining Your Best Fit

Consider your needs: The Noah for everyday carry, The Fossicker for versatile outdoor activities, or The Bushman for serious survival scenarios.

Common Considerations

Evaluate durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Each knife, crafted with precision, aligns with different priorities. Choose wisely, and your Koi knife will become an extension of your outdoor expertise.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Koi Outdoor Knives

Maintaining your Koi outdoor knives ensures they perform at their best when you need them most. Here are some simple guidelines to keep your blades in top condition:

General Outdoor Knife Care Guidelines

  1. Regularly inspect your knife for any signs of wear, such as loose screws or blade dullness.
  2. After each use, clean your knife with mild soap and water, then dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion.
  3. Apply a light coat of oil to the blade to protect against rust and maintain sharpness.
  4. Store your knives in a dry environment, away from moisture and extreme temperatures.

Specific Tips for The Noah, The Fossicker, and The Bushman

  1. For The Noah, periodically check the belt clip for tightness and adjust it as needed. Keep the folding mechanism clean and lubricated.
  2. For The Fossicker, pay special attention to the olive wood handle. Apply wood oil occasionally to maintain its natural beauty and integrity.
  3. For The Bushman, focus on sharpening the blade regularly to retain its cutting edge. Clean the spine serrations to prevent buildup.

Regular Cleaning, Sharpening, and Storage

Make cleaning, sharpening, and proper storage habits. It ensures your Koi outdoor knives remain reliable companions on your adventures.


Recapping our exploration of The Noah, The Fossicker, and The Bushman, each knife is a masterpiece in its own right. The Noah, with its pocket-friendly design, ensures you’re ready for anything. The Fossicker, a nature enthusiast’s dream, combines versatility with a touch of elegance. The Bushman, a survival virtuoso, stands as the ultimate outdoor companion.

In the wilderness, your knife is more than a tool; it extends your capability. Choosing the right one is paramount. Koi knives offer quality and a crafted experience tailored to your outdoor excursion. Invest wisely, for your knife for your knife stands as your loyal companion.

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