Top 4 Nakiri Types

Top 4 Nakiri Types

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Step into the world of precision chopping! The Nakiri, translating to "vegetable cutter," is your kitchen's unsung idol. It boasts a flat blade profile, seemingly cleaver-like but slim, designed explicitly for swift and precise vegetable chopping.

Dive into its history, and you'll find the Nakiri's evolution tailored to Japan's vegetable-centric culinary traditions. It's a testament to the fusion of form and function, and our journey today explores the varied Nakiri types, each a masterpiece in vegetable finesse.

Ready to slice through the mystery? Let's unfold the tale!

Nakiri and Its Origins

The Nakiri, a knife born from the rich tapestry of Japanese culinary history, holds a unique position in the kitchen. Its story is intertwined with the essence of precision in vegetable preparation.

Nakiri knives find their roots in ancient Japanese culinary traditions. Originating from the esteemed Kyoto and Osaka regions, these knives were crafted to meet the specific demands of Japanese cuisine, where vegetables are revered as culinary treasures.

As culinary needs evolved, so did the Nakiri's design. The knife's flat blade, resembling a miniature cleaver, underwent a transformative evolution. Initially tailored for delicate slicing, it transitioned into a specialized tool for efficient vegetable chopping. This evolution emphasised a slim profile, ensuring each chop was a dance of precision and speed.

I. Wooden and Resin Handle (Partial Tang) Nakiri

This Nakiri, a vegetable-chopping marvel, reflects Koi's commitment to excellence. The blade, forged from AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, embodies a perfect balance of strength and finesse. The local wood and resin handle, a unique touch, transforms each knife into a work of art. Koi's expertise lies in marrying functionality with aesthetics.

AUS10 steel ensures a sharp edge and durability, while the Damascus layering enhances its visual appeal. The fusion of wood and resin in the handle adds character and contributes to a comfortable grip.

No two handles are identical, echoing the unpredictability of nature. This diversity guarantees that each Nakiri is a personalized companion for your culinary expedition.

II. G10 Handle (Full Tang) Nakiri

Continuing our exploration into Nakiri excellence, let's delve into the artistry of the Nakiri from the captivating Rainbow Collection.

Meet the Nakiri, a culinary masterpiece from our Rainbow Collection that seamlessly matches tradition with innovation. This Nakiri embodies the essence of precision and elegance in vegetable chopping.

Description of the G10 Handle

Crafted for durability and ergonomic comfort, the Rainbow Collection Nakiri features a G10 handle. G10, a resilient resin and fibreglass composite, promises a handle that withstands the rigours of the kitchen while offering a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Why G10? Its military-grade toughness makes it a stalwart companion in the kitchen. Known for its resistance to extreme temperatures and exceptional durability, G10 ensures your Nakiri remains steadfast even in the busiest culinary moments.

This Nakiri boasts a blade forged from high carbon VG10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, with a blade length of 170mm, an overall length of 316mm, and a thickness of 1.8mm; it promises precision and versatility in every chop.

III. Platypus (Full Tang) BBQ Veg Chopper

The Platypus BBQ Veg Chopper Nakiri is a kitchen powerhouse tailored for barbecue enthusiasts. Let's explore what makes it your go-to companion for grilling adventures.


Crafted for precision, the Platypus features a straighter edge through the belly, ideal for cross-chopping vegetables, and a slight rocker toward the point for those who prefer rocking chops. It’s designed to handle the vegetable prep before the BBQ and effortlessly serves up fresh salads after.

Shannon, our 2nd generation blacksmith, envisioned a knife that seamlessly complements the BBQ ritual. The Platypus's thoughtful design allows for swift and precise vegetable preparation, enhancing the overall grilling experience.


Forged from high-quality Japanese VG10 steel, the Platypus ensures a robust blade with excellent corrosion resistance. The 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to a 15° angle, strikes the perfect balance between sharpness and durability.

IV. Patina Platypus (Full Tang) with G10 Handle

The Platypus Knife, inspired by the classic Japanese Nakiri, takes a bold step forward with its ergonomic design. Crafted for vegetable chopping, its flatter belly ensures full board contact after every precise cut.

What sets the Patina Platypus apart is its forced patina finish. This industrial treatment enhances wear resistance and gives the knife a distinctive character that evolves. Expect a unique aesthetic journey as your knife ages gracefully.


Delving into specifics, the Patina Platypus boasts a 150mm VG10 high carbon Japanese steel blade, providing a razor-sharp cutting edge. The full tang design ensures robustness, while the G10 handle, a resilient fibreglass composite, offers a secure grip even in wet conditions.

In your culinary endeavors, trust the Patina Platypus to be a tool and a companion, evolving with you as you create masterpieces in the kitchen.

Comparison and Selection Tips

Selecting the ideal Nakiri involves understanding the nuances of each type. Let's break it down.

Wooden and Resin Handle (Partial Tang) Nakiri

The blend of AUS10 steel and a fusion of local wood with resin offers a unique aesthetic. It is ideal for those who prioritize a touch of craftsmanship in their kitchen tools.

G10 Handle (Full Tang) Nakiri

The Rainbow Collection Nakiri, with its G10 handle, adds a modern twist. G10, a resilient composite, ensures durability. Perfect for those who value a contemporary look without compromising on functionality.

Platypus (Full Tang) BBQ Veg Chopper

Designed for BBQ enthusiasts, the Platypus Nakiri excels in versatility. Its straighter edge facilitates cross-chopping, which is ideal for prep and serving—a top pick for those who love the outdoors and want a robust, functional tool.

Patina Platypus (Full Tang) with G10 Handle

The forced patina finish adds an industrial flair to this Nakiri. Coupled with a G10 handle, it's a fusion of style and substance—a solid choice for those who appreciate a bit of character in their kitchen arsenal.

Considerations for Your Needs

Think about your culinary preferences. Do you value aesthetics, outdoor functionality, or a modern look? Tailor your choice to match your cooking style.

Impact of Handle Material and Design

The handle impacts aesthetics, grip, and comfort during extended use. Consider how the handle material aligns with your grip preference and the overall vibe of your kitchen.

Choosing your Nakiri is a personal journey. Consider your unique needs and preferences, and you'll find the perfect blade to complement your culinary adventures.

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