Wood Handles vs Wood and Resin Handles vs G10 Handles

Wood Handles vs Wood and Resin Handles vs G10 Handles

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Choosing the suitable knife handle is akin to finding the perfect grip for your meal preparation.

Now, we're diving into three outstanding materials: Ebony Wood, Wood/Resin, and G10. So, let's explore the elegance of ebony, the fusion of wood/resin, and the toughness of G10. Because, in the kitchen, a handle is more than a mere grip—it's the tactile connection between you and your craft.

Let's uncover the bits and pick the one that feels like an extension of your culinary passion.

Ebony Wood Handles

A. Exquisite Beauty

Ebony wood, our star material, transforms knives into more than tools—it crafts them into art. Picture this: a deep, lustrous black canvas adorned with occasional streaks of lighter tones, creating a functional handle and a visual masterpiece.

Unique Grain Patterns - Each ebony handle boasts a distinctive grain pattern, ensuring no two knives are identical. It's nature's fingerprint, making your knife not just a kitchen companion but a unique expression of craftsmanship.

Smooth Texture - Beyond the visuals, the smooth and polished surface of ebony wood feels warm and tactile in hand

B. Superior Strength and Durability

Ebony wood, a kitchen jewel, boasts exceptional strength and durability. Imagine a handle that stands firm under the daily kitchen hustle. Ebony does just that. Its dense structure ensures your knife can handle the most challenging tasks without losing its edge. From chopping hearty vegetables to tackling dense meats, ebony wood endures, ensuring your culinary companion stays reliable and sturdy.

C. Excellent Moisture Resistance

Ebony wood's remarkable ability to combat moisture makes it a natural resistance and a shield from water-related wear and tear. Ebony wood gracefully stands up to the challenges of a humid kitchen environment, showing resilience in the face of potential damage. So, there is no need to worry about warping or cracking—your ebony wood-handled knives are built to endure.

D. Excellent Moisture Resistance

The smooth and polished surface of ebony contributes to a grip that is comfortable and ergonomic. Picture this: a handle that feels warm and tactile in your hand, offering a secure grip even when things get a bit messy. The dense nature of ebony wood adds a balanced weight, allowing for precise control and reducing hand fatigue during those extended culinary adventures.

E. Timeless Elegance

Ebony wood, with its rich history, brings a timeless elegance to kitchen knives. Its deep, lustrous black hue has long been associated with luxury and craftsmanship. Your knife becomes a symbol of culinary tradition and sophistication. The use of ebony in knife handles goes beyond trends, connecting you with a heritage that appreciates both practicality and beauty.

F. Low Maintenance

Ebony wood handles demand minimal care to preserve their allure. Cleaning is a breeze; a mild soap and water suffice. Pat them dry promptly—no dishwashers, please. An occasional caress with wood conditioner or camellia oil maintains their natural lustre. It's a simple routine: respect the basics, and your ebony handles will grace your kitchen for years.

G. Unique and Prestigious

Ebony wood handles are the epitome of distinction. The inherent rarity of ebony adds an exclusive touch to your kitchen tools. Imagine the pride of owning a knife with a handle crafted from a material associated with luxury and craftsmanship throughout history. The unique patterns in each handle make your knife one of a kind. In a world of mass production, having a tool with such exclusivity elevates your culinary experience.

H. Collections

Now, let's look into the captivating collections featuring our exquisite Ebony Wood handles. Elevate your kitchen with the Kyoto, carefully curated for culinary enthusiasts like you.

  1. Bamboo & Ebony - 3 Piece All Purpose

Discover versatility in every slice with this compact set, perfect for daily kitchen triumphs.

  1. Bamboo & Ebony - 6 Piece Set

For a complete culinary arsenal, the 6-piece set offers a range of knives designed to meet every cooking need.

III. Bamboo & Ebony - 3 Piece Specialist

Unlock the chef within with this specialized trio, tailored for precision and expertise.

Explore more:

- Bamboo & Ebony Kiritsuke "8

- Bamboo & Ebony Kiritsuke "9

- Bamboo & Ebony Mini Bunka

- Bamboo & Ebony Paring

- Bamboo & Ebony Serrated

- Bamboo & Ebony Nakiri

Wood/Resin Handles

A. Composition and Stability

Moving on from the timeless elegance of ebony wood, let's explore the modern allure of wood/resin handles. These handles combine the natural beauty of wood with the stability granted by the stabilising process. Composed of wood and resin, they undergo a treatment ensuring durability.

The fusion results in hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing handles, resistant to the temperature-induced expansions that pure wood faces. This stabilising process fortifies the handle and allows for intricate designs.

B. Aesthetic Appeal

Wood/resin handles, featuring the alluring beauty of burl wood, redefine kitchen elegance. Burl patterns, unique to each handle, offer a personalized touch. The marriage of wood and resin not only enhances aesthetics but crucially prevents cracking, ensuring longevity. The resin stabilises the wood, making it resilient to temperature changes. Imagine the warmth of wood, adorned with mesmerizing patterns, meeting the durability of resin.

C. Pros and Cons


Wood with Resin is an ideal choice, providing resilience to temperature changes. The handle's durability is heightened, offering resistance to damage and rot. The combination maintains a natural wood feel, with the bonus of being highly machine-able. Aesthetically pleasing, Wood/Resin handles blend natural wood tones with vibrant resin designs, adding flair to the knife.


However, the resin component may lead to imbalance, impacting comfort during use. Some users note that, compared to full resin handles, wood/resin knives may be more prone to splitting. The unique aesthetics might challenge colour coordination in a knife collection.

G10 Handles

A. Composition and Production

Let's explore G10 handles and understand what makes them special. G10 is made by combining fiberglass and epoxy resin in a careful process called thermosetting. This results in a handle of remarkable toughness, resistant to breaking, slipping, and the wear and tear of time. The combination of materials in G10 elevates its durability, making it a resilient choice for kitchen knives.

B. Famous G10 Handles

Renowned brands, such as Boker Solingen, entrust the resilience of G10 in crafting their knives. This German giant utilizes G10 to enhance durability and strength, ensuring their knives endure the rigors of professional kitchens. Boker Solingen's commitment to G10 highlights not only its reliability but also its acceptance among elite culinary experts. Choosing a knife with G10 handles aligns your kitchen tools with the standards set by some of the best in the culinary world.

C. Pros and Cons

The G10 handles offer notable advantages. First, their durability is exceptional, boasting a Rockwell Hardness rating surpassing other material. This toughness ensures longevity and resilience against daily wear. Additionally, G10 handles exhibit impressive water resistance, ideal for a kitchen environment.

However, some users note a plastic feel during use, a subjective concern that contrasts the material's robustness. Colour coordination might pose a challenge due to the unique patterns. Despite these considerations, G10 remains a favoured choice for its strength and water-resistant properties, making it a reliable option for enduring kitchen tools.

D. Collections

Discovering G10-handled knives brings you to a variety of collections, each showcasing craftsmanship and practicality.

  1. Ninja Collection

Perfect for various uses, the 3 Knife Starter Set in "All-Purpose" and the 6 Knife Starter Set in "Allrounders" feature sleek Black | G10 handles for precise kitchen tasks.

  1. Specialist Collection

If you value top-notch quality, the 3 Knife Set in "Specialist" offers sophisticated Black | G10 handles, ensuring precise performance.

  1. Rainbow Collection

Add a splash of colour with Rainbow | G10 handles. The Specialist 3 Knife Starter Set and Seki Collection provide vibrant options, combining style with functionality.

  1. Seki Collection

Experience Koi Knives' artistry with the 6 Knife Starter Set and 3 Knife Starter Set in "Allrounders" and "All-Purpose," featuring Rainbow | G10 handles for a touch of elegance.

  1. Patina Collection

Explore the rich patina of G10-handled knives in this Starter Kit, blending aesthetics with enduring quality.

  1. Bamboo Knife Set - Koi Knives

Bring the Bamboo Knife 3 Set into your kitchen, showcasing G10 handles that balance style and substance.

Comparison and Selection

Here's a handy comparison to guide your decision:


Ebony Wood




Unparalleled beauty with a deep black colour

Aesthetic blend of wood and resin, customizable

Sleek, modern look, often in vibrant colours


Exceptional strength and moisture resistance

Hard-wearing, stable, and rot-resistant

Rigid, durable, and resistant to environmental factors


Low maintenance, occasional oiling

Requires minimal care, resistant to moisture

Virtually maintenance-free, easy to clean

Grip Comfort

Smooth and ergonomic, comfortable grip

Comfortable and non-slip, especially when stabilized

Solid grip, not affected by moisture or temperature


Timeless elegance with a prestigious touch

Unique patterns and customizable designs

Modern and sleek, often chosen for its distinct look

Best For

Culinary enthusiasts valuing tradition and luxury

Those seeking a balance between aesthetics and durability

Users prioritising modern aesthetics and durability


If modernity and toughness are your priorities, the sleek G10 could be the perfect fit. Choose wisely, and let your culinary adventures be enhanced by a handle that suits your style.


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