Top 5 Knives for the Aussie Summer

Top 5 Knives for the Aussie Summer

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High temperatures characterise Australia's blistering summer and mark a period of outdoor celebration. With the sun inviting exploration, possessing the appropriate knives becomes essential.

Enter the Top 5 knives, each a maestro in its domain.

From filleting the day's catch with The Barramundi to carving BBQ masterpieces with The Brolga, these knives redefine Aussie summer culinary experiences.

Join us in exploring blades tailored for every summer occasion -  embodying the spirit of an Aussie summer - vibrant, diverse, and flavourful.

I. The Barramundi - The Catch of the Day

The Barramundi knife is a testament to our collaboration with local sport fishermen, ensuring it meets the specific needs of those passionate about the catch. 

Overview of Design and Collaboration:

- Crafted in close consultation with South Australia's sport fishermen.

- Precision in length and flex, perfect for bringing the day's catch to the plate.

- Fine tip for intricate work, coupled with a protective finger guard, crucial for wet conditions. 

Benefits and Functionality:

- Ideal for larger sports fish or species with thicker bones and a rigid spine.

- Extended length facilitates filleting of substantial catches like Kingfish and Swordfish.

Finer Details: Blade Specifications, Steel Quality, and Handle Details:

- Blade Length: 190mm (7.5"), Overall Length: 322mm (12.7"), Blade Thickness: 1.8mm (0.070").

- Weight: 130g (4.5oz), HRC: 60-61.

- Japanese VG10 steel ensures a robust, corrosion-resistant, razor-sharp edge.

- Australian wood handles, mainly from Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, enhance grip and aesthetics.

- Finished with a 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to a 15° angle for an enduring keen edge.

Designed with expertise and precision, the Barramundi is an indispensable tool for anglers seeking culinary perfection from their prized catches.

II. The Brolga - Showstopper for BBQs

The Brolga, a true marvel in the world of knives, is a versatile companion for your BBQ adventures. Its exceptional design and functionality elevate the art of carving meats straight from the grill.

 Unique Features and Benefits:

- Versatility Personified: The Brolga, inspired by the butcher's steak knife, takes the stage as a showstopper for BBQs, allowing you to make long, drawing cuts with precision.

- Moisture Retention: Experience minimal moisture loss while slicing meat or chicken, ensuring each bite is as succulent as the last.

 Finer Details:

- Blade Specifications: A blade length of 270mm (10.6") ensures ample reach for various cuts, while the 3mm (0.118") thickness provides stability and control.

- Steel Quality: Crafted from Japanese VG10 steel, The Brolga promises a razor-sharp edge, corrosion resistance, and enduring performance.

- Handle Details: Australian wood handles, sourced from Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, add a touch of uniqueness to each knife. The 50/50 double bevel edge, sharpened to a 15° angle, ensures a keen edge without compromising toughness.

In BBQs, The Brolga emerges as a knife and a culinary companion, ready to carve out delicious moments.

III. The Croc - Slicing Through Aussie Flavours

In the dynamic setting of the Australian culinary scene, a toothed blade emerges as a vital instrument, and The Croc assumes a prominent role in perfecting the skill of cutting through the diverse tastes of Australia.

 Importance of a Serrated Knife

In the culinary dance of the Australian kitchen, the serrated knife, exemplified by The Croc, emerges as a must-have. Its serrated edge ensures precise cuts, perfect for morning croissants, midday sourdough slices, and evening roasted proteins.

 Description and Practical Uses

- Versatile Slicing: The Croc, inspired by the enduring dinosaur, boasts a 230mm serrated blade, offering a beastly performance in slicing through various textures without tearing.

- Bread, Protein, and More: From the morning croissant to evening roasts, The Croc elegantly navigates diverse culinary tasks, ensuring minimal moisture loss in meat or chicken.

 Finer Details

- Blade Specifications: With a 230mm (9") blade, 370mm (14.5") overall length, and 2.5mm (0.1") thickness, The Croc embodies a perfect balance of size and strength.

- Steel Choice: Crafted from 1.4116 high carbon German steel with a sandblast finish, The Croc, unique among the collection, ensures durability for its serrated edge.

- Handle Variations: The Croc's handles, crafted from Australian wood burl, guarantee uniqueness in each knife, echoing the diverse landscapes of the Australian terrain.

With its sandblast-finished blade, the Croc pays homage to Australia's sandy landscapes, creating a non-stick surface for effortless vegetable slicing.

As you traverse from Bondi's beaches to Birdsville's dunes, The Croc promises a culinary journey through Aussie flavours, making it a quintessential tool in every kitchen.

IV. The Big Red - The All-Rounder Comparison

The Big Red stands tall as the backbone of our Australian knife collection, aptly named for its versatility and robust design. Drawing parallels to cricketer Glenn Maxwell, renowned for his all-around cricketing prowess, The Big Red mirrors this versatility in the culinary world.

 Comparison to Cricketer Glenn Maxwell

Just as Maxwell dominates the cricket field with unorthodox shots, The Big Red excels in the kitchen, handling various cutting tasks effortlessly. Its multifaceted design is reminiscent of Maxwell's ability to adapt to different cricketing scenarios.

 Emphasis on Durability and Strength

Crafted with VG10 high carbon Japanese steel, The Big Red boasts exceptional durability, ensuring a long-lasting, razor-sharp edge. Its double-layer cladding, starting with a sandblast finish, signifies both style and practicality, creating a non-stick surface for smooth slicing.

 Finer Details

- Blade Specifications: 220mm (8.75") length, 3mm (0.118") thickness.

- Steel Quality: VG10 high carbon Japanese steel, ensuring a sharp cutting edge.

- Handle Details: Australian wood burl handles, unique and symbolic, sourced from diverse regions like the Simpson Desert.

In the spirit of Maxwell's ability to surprise, The Big Red is a reliable companion for culinary challenges, making it an ideal all-rounder in the kitchen.

V. The Bushman - Camping Companion

The Bushman's Knife is a versatile camping companion crafted for the rugged Australian Outback. This multifunctional knife is a sleek and severe tool featuring a range of capabilities that make it indispensable in the wild.

  Detailed Description:

- Survival/Camping Attributes: The Bushman excels in various outdoor tasks, from preparing campsites to crafting makeshift tools. Its spine serrations facilitate sawing, cutting, and scuffing, while a hollow at the handle butt accommodates a lanyard strap for easy carrying.

- Bottle Opener: Beyond cutting and sawing, The Bushman comes equipped with a built-in bottle opener, ensuring you can enjoy a cold beverage at the end of an adventurous day.

Finer Details:

- Blade Specifications: The blade, crafted from Sandvick 12C27N steel from Sweden, undergoes precise heat treatment to reach 58-59 HRC. This ensures durability and edge retention, which is essential for demanding outdoor use.

- Handle Variety: The Bushman is available with a black G10 handle for military-grade durability and offers options with Oak wood and Red gum wood handles. Each variant adds a unique touch to the knife, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

- Design Considerations: The clean, polished finish adds an aesthetic touch to the functionality. The various handles offer durability and feature TORX screws for potential replacement in harsh conditions. The added blue liner enhances the handle's visual appeal.

In crafting The Bushman, functionality, and durability were paramount. Whether preparing meals or popping the top off a cold one, The Bushman is an essential tool in the wild.


The Aussie Summer is all about embracing the outdoors; these knives are the perfect companions for the season.

From the precision of the Barramundi to the show-stopping Brolga, each knife serves a unique purpose, enhancing your culinary experience. The rugged Croc tackles bread with finesse, while the versatile Big Red, akin to cricketer Glenn Maxwell's skills, excels in all tasks.

Finally, the Bushman stands ready for camping adventures, showcasing more features than Batman's utility belt.

Let the spirit of Down Under reflect in your kitchen, making each meal a celebration of Australian craftsmanship.




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