Top 7 Knives for Larger Hands

Top 7 Knives for Larger Hands

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In the world of knives, one size doesn't fit all. For those with larger hands, the quest for the perfect knife involves finding a tool that cuts but fits comfortably. This guide delves into blades designed with larger hands in mind.

As we explore The Big Red, Great White Shark, Wombat, Kiritsuke, Patina Wallaby, Patina Dingo, and Patina Platypus, we unravel the unique characteristics that make them more than tools but extensions of hands, ensuring both comfort and precision in every culinary endeavour.

1. The Big Red

The Big Red is the cornerstone of our Australian knife collection, embodying resilience and longevity in chef's knives.


- Blade Length: 220mm (8.75")

- Overall Length: 356mm (14")

- Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118")

- Weight: 330g (11.64oz)

- HRC: 60-62


The knife crafted from VG10 high-carbon Japanese steel ensures an enduring, razor-sharp cutting edge. The blade's double-layer cladding begins with a spine-to-edge sandblast finish, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

 Unique Features:

- VG10 Steel Core: Provides exceptional sharpness and durability.

- Sandblast Finish: Not just an aesthetic choice, it creates a non-stick surface, aiding smooth cutting through various ingredients.

 Versatility in the Kitchen:

The Big Red excels in various culinary tasks, making it the go-to for:

 - Precise vegetable julienning.

- Effortless meat slicing, from tender steaks to hearty roasts.

- Seamless filleting of fish for those exquisite seafood dishes.

 The Big Red transcends being a mere knife and blends Japanese precision with the artistry of Australian craftsmanship.

2. Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is a Western-style Deba knife uniquely crafted for versatile kitchen tasks. Here's a closer look: 

Design and Construction 

Purposeful Design: Crafted for all-purpose prep work, combining the robustness of a Deba knife with a double bevel edge suitable for Western users.

- Thick Belly: The blade's substantial belly provides strength behind each cut, ensuring efficient slicing, chopping, and roll-cutting. 

- 50/50 Double Bevel Edge 

Precision Edge: Sharpened to a 50/50 double bevel, maintaining a 18° angle for a keen edge without compromising toughness.

 Versatility in Action 

Meat and Veg Prep: Excel in both meat and vegetable preparation before hitting the grill, thanks to the blade's thickness and shallow roll on the cutting edge.

Flexible Cutting: The design allows for various cutting techniques, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen.

The Great White Shark marries Japanese precision with Western adaptability, making it an essential tool for culinary enthusiasts.

3. Wombat

The Wombat stands tall as the ultimate hefty chopper, excelling in vegetable and protein tasks. Let's dive into the details that make it a powerhouse in the kitchen: 


- The Wombat is a 5-layered steel blade boasting a VG10 core for a razor-sharp cutting edge.

- The stainless steel sandblasted finish, beginning at the spine, adds durability and a touch of rugged elegance.

- The blade, with a thickness of 3mm (0.118"), creates a non-stick surface ideal for smooth vegetable chopping.

Detailed Specifications:

- Blade Length: 170mm (6.75")

- Overall Length: 310mm (12.2") 

- Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118")

- Weight: 330g (11.64oz)

- HRC: 60-62

Full Tang Handle Construction:

- The Wombat ensures optimal balance with its full tang handle construction.
- Crafted from Australian wood and resin, the handle adds weight and enhances the knife's overall balance.

With its robust build and superior materials, the Wombat stands ready for heavy-duty culinary tasks, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

4. Kiritsuke

The K-Tip Kiritsuke stands out in the renowned Hammered Damascus Collection, showcasing a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

This all-rounder has a distinctive flatter profile designed for precise slicing and efficient chopping. It deviates from the traditional Chef's knife, offering exceptional versatility.


- Blade Length: 230mm (9.05")

- Overall Length: 380mm (11.02")

- Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118")

- Weight: 228g (8.04oz)

- HRC: 60 

Hammered Damascus Finish

The Kiritsuke boasts a unique and eye-catching hammered Damascus finish, contributing to its visual appeal and functional performance. This finish minimises friction, ensuring a smoother cutting experience.

5. Patina Wallaby

The Patina Wallaby takes the spotlight in the Koi Patina Knives series, designed for the demands of a professional kitchen. 

G10 Handles and Forced Patina Finish 

- Enhanced Durability: The Wallaby boasts G10 handles, a heavy-duty fiberglass and resin composite, providing exceptional durability.

- Forced Patina Finish: Its forced patina finish enhances wear resistance, ensuring it stands up to the rigorous challenges of a commercial kitchen.

Knife Design and Versatility 

- Compact All-Rounder: With an 18.5cm cutting length, the Wallaby is the smaller yet agile cousin of the Kangaroo, excelling in various cutting techniques.

- Classic Chef Knife Shape: Its classic chef knife shape is complemented by G10 handles, offering a secure grip even in wet or oily conditions.

6. Patina Dingo: An All-Purpose Workhorse

The Patina Dingo is a testament to all-purpose functionality, designed for durability and versatility in professional kitchens. 

  Specifications and Distinct Features:

- Blade Construction: Crafted from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a forced patina acid wash.

- Handle Material: G10, a robust composite of fiberglass and resin, is known for its hardwearing properties.

- Blade Length: 200mm (7.75"), providing ample cutting surface for various tasks.

- Weight: 290g (10.22oz), balancing heft and manoeuvrability.

- Hardness: HRC 60-62, ensuring a razor-sharp cutting edge.

 Forced Patina Acid Wash:

- A unique finish enhancing wear resistance and developing character over time.

- Maintains corrosion resistance, ideal for the demands of a commercial kitchen.

 Performance in Professional Kitchens:

- The Dingo's long, thick blade makes it an exceptional all-purpose knife.

- With extra heft towards the tip, it delivers power and precision in cutting.

- Suitable for various tasks, from slicing to chopping, making it an indispensable tool for chefs.

In the hustle of a professional kitchen, the Patina Dingo emerges as a reliable companion, blending toughness with exceptional performance.

7. Patina Platypus

Inspired by the Japanese Nakiri, the Patina Platypus is a versatile tool designed for precise vegetable chopping in a commercial kitchen setting.

Design Features:

- Forced Patina Acid Wash:

The blade undergoes a distinctive acid wash process, enhancing wear resistance and ensuring longevity. This unique finish adds character over time and maintains corrosion resistance.

- G10 Handle:

Crafted from a durable fibreglass and resin laminate, the G10 handle provides a robust grip, essential for the demanding environment of a commercial kitchen. Its indestructible properties make it an ideal choice for prolonged use.

- Compact Design:

With a 150mm blade length, the Patina Platypus maintains a compact profile, ensuring precise control during vegetable chopping tasks.

Commercial Kitchen Advantage:

The Patina Platypus excels in a professional kitchen, offering reliability, durability, and the finesse required for intricate vegetable preparations. This knife is a testament to form meeting function, embodying the perfect balance between design and practicality in a commercial culinary setting.


The Big Red, Great White Shark, Wombat, Kiritsuke, Patina Wallaby, Dingo, and Platypus knives offer a diverse arsenal for larger-handed individuals. These precision-crafted blades fuse Japanese steel with Australian artistry, ensuring a unique blend of strength and finesse.

 Key Takeaways: 

- Performance Fusion: Japanese VG10 steel meets Australian wood for unmatched performance.

- Versatility Defined: Each knife excels from Big Red's culinary backbone to Dingo's all-purpose prowess.

- Aesthetics and Durability: Forced patina finishes and G10 handles ensure both style and robustness.

Explore our collection, where functionality meets artistry. Elevate your culinary journey with knives designed for hands that appreciate the exceptional. 

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