Try Koi Knives at Your Nearest Cooking School

Try Koi Knives at Your Nearest Cooking School

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Aspiring chefs know that knives are more than mere tools; they are the extensions of a chef's creativity and precision. This article introduces you to renowned cooking schools that proudly offer Koi Knives. We will look at their history, diverse courses, and the invaluable role that these exceptional knives play in your culinary journey.

The Significance of Quality Knives in Culinary Education

Quality knives play serve as essential tools that significantly impact a student's learning experience: 

- Precision and Technique: Quality knives are the extensions of a chef's hands, allowing precise cuts, chops, and dices. These tools are paramount for teaching students culinary techniques that form the foundation of their cooking skills. 

- Safety and Control: A knife's sharpness ensures safety. Instructors can focus on teaching without concerns about accidents. Students gain control over their cuts, enhancing their confidence and skill development. 

- Enhanced Learning: Quality knives result in cleaner cuts, preserving ingredients' flavours and textures. This positively influences the quality of dishes prepared during training, enabling students to understand better the nuances of taste, texture, and presentation. 

- Artistry: Aesthetics are key in culinary arts. Quality knives allow students to create visually appealing dishes, emphasizing the significance of presentation in culinary education. 

- Longevity and Cost-Efficiency: Investing in quality knives not only enhances students' learning but also ensures longevity. Durable blades are cost-effective in the long run, avoiding frequent replacements. 

- Career Readiness: Using quality knives in school prepares students for the high standards of professional kitchens, where precision, speed, and skill are essential.

A Guide to Cooking Schools Offering Koi Knives

Discover the exquisite world of KOI knives at an array of renowned cooking schools across Australia. Each cooking school on our list is a unique opportunity to explore the exceptional craftsmanship of KOI knives.

From the culinary hubs of South Australia and Western Australia to the picturesque locales of Tasmania and Victoria, these schools offer a hands-on experience that complements the precision and artistry of KOI knives.

Sticky Rice Cooking School - SA

Sticky Rice Cooking School in South Australia, established in 2010, is a renowned culinary institution with a mission to empower food enthusiasts. Nestled in Adelaide Hills, this school offers hands-on cooking experiences, culminating in communal dining sessions and wine tastings.

The founder, Claire Fuller, is dedicated to providing an immersive, holistic approach to cooking education. The school specialises in diverse cuisines, notably Asian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern, with professional chefs who bring a wealth of knowledge.

Sticky Rice also offers unique cooking staycation packages with Balinese villa accommodations, ideal for a personalised and private culinary experience. Koi Knives proudly partners with Sticky Rice Cooking School in Australia, showcasing their exceptional cutlery in classes and demonstrations.

Scoffed Cooking School - SA

Scoffed Cooking School, founded in 2015, embodies the joy of cooking. Located in St. Morris, it provides a welcoming atmosphere for individuals of all skill levels. Classes led by professional chefs focus on sharing culinary expertise. A glass of bubbly kicks off each session, and students can expect to discover chef secrets and indulge in delectable dishes.

Scoffed offers classes for kids, adults, and schools, with various packages to meet specific needs. The school's owner, Mark Busse, transitioned from advertising to education, combining his talents to establish this culinary haven.

With a broad repertoire of international dishes and special offerings like 'Scoffed and Quaffed' and 'BBQ Guru' sessions, Scoffed is a versatile choice for food enthusiasts. They also provide packages for school holidays and birthday parties. Koi Knives is proud to partner with Scoffed Cooking School, showcasing our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

Sprout Cooking School - SA

Sprout Cooking School in South Australia is a renowned institution that seamlessly marries the art of cooking with essential nutrition knowledge. Established by Callum Hann (from MasterChef fame and from beating Koi co-owner Ramon in the early rounds) and Themis Chryssidis in 2011, it offers a diverse range of interactive culinary programs for people of all ages, led by professional chefs and qualified dietitians.

Located just 10 minutes from Adelaide's CBD, Sprout boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen and provides various services, including corporate catering, team-building classes, and kids' cooking programs. The school stands out for its modern, hands-on teaching methods, which ensure that every class is not only educational but also enjoyable. Sprout's partnership with Koi Knives is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Salt & Company - WA

Salt & Company, located in Perth, Western Australia, offers an exceptional cooking school experience that goes beyond standard recipes. With an emphasis on fundamentals and culinary techniques, this school fosters a communal atmosphere by having students work together at a large shared table.

Expert instructors provide hands-on guidance, and classes end with a communal dinner. Founded in 2015 by Andrew Clare, the school is operated by a team of three talented chefs who embrace sustainable farming and seasonal produce. Salt & Company offers a wide range of cuisine options, catering to various interests and group sizes. As a proud partner of Koi Knives, they feature these exceptional knives in their classes.

The Cooking Professor - WA

The Cooking Professor Culinary School in Western Australia, under the guidance of passionate chef Riki Kaspi, offers a delightful journey into the world of culinary arts. The school's warm and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for anyone eager to explore the love of cooking. They provide a range of classes, from beginners to seasoned gourmands, while also hosting lively events like long table gatherings filled with delectable food and live music.

Chef Riki Kaspi's expertise shines in her ability to demystify complex cuisines, specialising in North African, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern flavours. The school is a valued partner of Koi Knives, where their knives are proudly showcased.

Golden Pig Cooking School - QLD

The Golden Pig Cooking School, nestled in Newstead, Brisbane, is a renowned Asian fusion restaurant and culinary school. Operating as a restaurant most days, it reserves Sundays and Mondays for exclusive cooking classes. Offering hands-on sessions led by skilled chefs, it brings creativity to a variety of cuisines, with an emphasis on Modern Asian fusion. 

Founded by husband-and-wife team Mark and Katrina Ryan, the school benefits from their extensive culinary backgrounds. Students work together to create and enjoy dishes. Besides cooking, the school offers wine and beer workshops. Koi Knives proudly partners with the Golden Pig Cooking School, showcasing their knives in classes and demonstrations.

VIVE Cooking School - NSW

VIVE Cooking School, established in 2016 in Rosebery, New South Wales, aims to nurture culinary confidence and foster connections through food. Founder Jean-Luc Tan, inspired by the cherished family dinners of his childhood, created VIVE as a tribute to his parent's dedication to providing good food and shared meals. 

VIVE offers a variety of international cooking classes, with a focus on Asian cuisine and a special emphasis on desserts. They host classes for challenging dishes and have both open sign-up sessions and private event bookings for all ages—Koi Knives partners with VIVE to showcase their knives in classes.

Sticky Fingers Kitchen - NT

Sticky Fingers Kitchen, located in the Northern Territory, is a welcoming and inclusive cooking school catering to all skill levels. Offering NDIS claimable classes, they focus on building kitchen skills and confidence. Head chef Emma Bobby, with over 18 years of global culinary experience, leads a friendly and skilled team. 

The school's mission is to create a safe space where everyone, regardless of their background, can learn the essential life skills of cooking. Classes cover recipe reading, cooking, social interaction, kitchen hygiene, and nutrition. Sticky Fingers Kitchen is dedicated to helping individuals develop kitchen proficiency at their own pace.

The Farmhouse Kitchen - TAS

Nestled in Tasmania's serene Huon Valley, The Farmhouse Kitchen is an Italian culinary gem. Head chef Giuliana and her daughter Genevieve White masterfully share the essence of "La Cucina Povera" – making magic from basic ingredients.

Classes range from crafting rustic pasta, pizzas, and traditional Italian meat dishes to perfecting authentic desserts. This school thrives on simplicity, highlighting the power of skill over gadgets. With personalised, small-group classes, it's a gateway to Italian culinary excellence. Explore their website for more information, or attend to embark on a unique Italian culinary journey in Australia. Koi Knives proudly partners with The Farmhouse Kitchen.

Carnation Kitchen - TAS

Carnation Kitchen in Kingston, Tasmania, is a culinary haven founded by travel enthusiasts Courtney and Kate. Their shared adventures in 19 countries have led to the creation of a space where like-minded guests can come together and learn new recipes. Located just 10 minutes from Hobart, this kitchen offers a unique opportunity to explore global cuisines and replicate amazing dishes at home.

The founders, Courtney and Kate, have a deep passion for food and travel. Courtney's experiences in Japan and culinary delights from around the world, combined with Kate's 20 years of hospitality experience, make Carnation Kitchen a place to rediscover the joy of international flavours.

Culinaire Cooking School - Victoria

Founded in 2003 by Chef Christiane Philip and her husband John, Culinaire Cooking School, located in Victoria, offers a unique and hands-on culinary education. Christiane's extensive culinary experience in Europe and Australia drove the creation of a school that emphasizes fundamental cookery skills.

A special feature is the school's herb and kitchen garden, supplying fresh produce. Small class sizes, limited to 8 students, ensure personalised learning. It has evolved into an acclaimed institution, complete with a gift shop and gourmet food tours. Culinaire Cooking School promises a rich culinary journey.


The schools mentioned here offer distinctive culinary experiences, emphasising practical learning and a genuine love for the culinary arts. If you're eager to explore and enhance your cooking skills, these schools provide you with more than just knowledge. They give you a chance to appreciate the precision and quality of Koi Knives. Visit their websites, dive into the world of culinary excellence, and find the perfect tools to elevate your culinary journey. Your adventure with Koi Knives is just a click away.

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