Australian Shiraz hits the Knife

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

As locals living in South Australia we love a wine from time to time (we'll maybe a few days a week).

The most famous South Australian export is the Shiraz with many local brands such as Penfolds, D'Arenberg and Anderson Hill Wines. Whether you are South (McLaren Vale) North (Barossa) or East (Adelaide Hills) of the city the terroir (earth/dirt) is in place to make magnificent full bodied shiraz.

After just over 100 years the Shiraz will cease to yield grapes and it is time to have them removed. Whilst in most parts of the world this means set fire to them or throw them in the bin we salvage the roots and stems to make incredible Shiraz crop driven knives.

In honour of the shiraz itself we complete the blade by fusing it with deep shiraz inspired red. We hope you enjoy using such a knife almost as much as you do drinking the plonk. 

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