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Seki, Japan

Company Overview

Kaiden was founded only recently in 2010, embodying the timeless philosophy of excellence in craftsmanship and performance. The company features a limited portfolio of only six lines of chef knives, hand-sharpened to a fine edge for the professional chef. 


  • Kaide AX Slimline laser blades are made for precise slicing. With five knife types ranging from 135-240 mm.
  • Kaiden B2 Honkasumi (Right and Left) professional level single bevel knife. With 12 knife types ranging from 165-300 mm.
  • Kaiden Kodo's ancient-looking hammer-forged kitchen knife is sharp. Composed of 5 knife types ranging from 180-240 mm Oobunka, Gyuto, and Kiritsuke.
  • Kaiden Shinka silk and smooth edge and cutting. Detailed in Damascus patterns, Shinka is a high-performance kitchen knife ranging from 150-210 mm.
  • Kaiden W2 Honkasumi professional level single bevel knife in White 2 grade. Ranging from 150-300 mm knifes
  • Kaiden LEFT Honkasumi.


Kaiden takes pride in its attention to detail. Its Kodo line is a hammer forged blade replicating the classic finish of Japanese knives. The Kaiden Honkasumi lines are hand sharpened to top honkasumi grading, a premier accolade for knife sharpeners.

From its steel combinations to even creating left-handed blades, Kaiden blades ensure a fine slice each time. 

Knife Types

Kaiden focuses on Kitchen knives of all types.

Best known for

Kaiden is best known for its versatile Japanese knives.

Steel Used

Kaiden knives are made out of Aogami Super steel, Shirogami II White Steel, and Aogami II Blue Steel by Hitachi. All three steel types are high-carbon materials that make for hard knives which hold a strong edge. Rusting is managed by stainless steel cladding. 

For knives with less maintenance, the company also features VG10 stainless steel in its Shinka line. 

Kaiden's portfolio is composed of 6 series of excellent kitchen knives. Each is made from 6 different steel materials. 

  • Kaiden Ax series is made with Super Blue carbon steel. It is composed of high amounts of tungsten for its hardness, molybdenum that equates to knife steel toughness, and carbon and vanadium that improves the wear resistance of the steel. This series is best for its cutting performance and edge retention, with an HRC of 65 
  • Kaiden B2 Honkasumi series is made Blue 2 carbon steel with 63-64 HRC. This bevel knife series is a top grade for its sharpness and forging. This knife series sits together with the well-known Masamoto KA Honkasumi. 
  • Kaiden Kodo series is made with stainless core and cladding. This series has a blade with slightly hollow ground and a micro bevel. It is suitable for left and right-handed knife users. Kaiden Kodo steel ranges from 64-65 HRC.
  • Kaiden Shinka series is made of VG10 stainless steel. This steel grade has around 59-60 HRC. It is a premium steel series with the addition of Damascus, Hamaguri, and 50/50 micro bevel. This series is perfect for slicing through food with less force and effort.
  • Kaiden W2 Honkasumi is made with White 2 steel grade from Hitachi. This knife grade ranges from 60-61 HRC.
  • Kaiden LEFT Honkasumi has a similar composition with the Kaiden B2. It’s just that this version is made for left-handed users.


Handles Used

Kaiden handles are usually made of natural handles. Kitchen knife handles include:

  • Ebony wood.
  • Ichi wood.
  • Burnt chestnut wood.
  • Pakkawood in nickel-brass.
  • Magnolia wood with a black buffalo horn bolster.

Typically Kaiden knife handles are octagonal as part of their brand differentiation.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge. 

Kaiden knives have a high hardness grade of 60-65 HRC. As such, sharpen the knife at its original angle using the Japanese Approach. However, be mindful of the original bevel of the blades. Some Kaiden knives are single bevel blades which means that only one side of the knife is sharpened. This angle differs between left and right-handed knives as well. 

A whetstone is the most recommended sharpening material for this purpose. Kaiden discourages the use of honing steel for its knives. 

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