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Echizen, Japan

Company Overview

Masakage was founded in the year 2007 by one of Japan’s master knife sharpeners, Takayuki Shibata of Takefu Knife Village fame. Capitalizing on his unique strengths as a knifemaker, the company produces the sharpest Japanese knives. All knives are handmade using the toughest steels and hand-sharpened to an edge so fine they cut like lasers. 

The Makasage portfolio is composed of six knife lines, named after Japanese elements. From handles that fit well on both left and right-handed chefs, to a further handle-to-blade positioning for added comfort, the Masakage Advantage lies in the company’s eye for detail. Together with fellow Master Sharpeners, Makasage aims to elevate the talent of Takefu Knife Village through excellent craftsmanship.

Knife Types

Masakage is focused on only six lines of kitchen knives.

Best known for

Masakage is best known for its durable Japanese knives.

Steel Used

Masakage uses high carbon Japanese steel such as Shirogami II White Steel, Aogami II Blue Steel, and Aogami Super steel by Hitachi. Some models feature stainless steel cladding to lessen corrosion caused by carbon. VG-10 stainless steel is also used as a rust-free alternative. 

Handles Used

Masakage uses wooden handles such as American and Japanese Cherry, Magnolia, Rose, and Pakka woods.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge. 

Masakage knives have a high hardness grade of 62-65 HRC and an edge of 12-15 degrees. As such, hone the knife at its original angle using the Japanese Approach.

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally using a whetstone. Do not use a wheel sharpener or a steel or diamond sharpening tool.

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