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Fukui, Japan

Company Overview

Ryusen Hamono Co., Ltd. was established in 1953 to produce kitchen knives in Fujiku–known as "Echizen" in Japan. The Echizen has around a seven hundred-year history of metal products. Recently, they have expanded into an integrated manufacturing factory.

Ryusen Hamono has developed a unique processing technique. This process includes thermal treatment, blade polishing, and welding. They integrate it into the traditional methods and skills that do not depend on machines. 

Inheriting the techniques of Echizen Forged Knives that have passed down for years while also developing products in new fields such as cutlery and stationery. Ryusen has become one of the highest quality and excellent-designed kitchen knife manufacturers.

Knife Types

Artisans forge these Ryusen kitchen knives, pursuing steel toughness and supreme sharpness. It is easy to sharpen and has excellent maintainability.

They have expanded their collection of kitchen knives into seven lines. Not only sharpness and longevity is taken into consideration, but also a sleek modern design. These are the Prever series, Blazen Ryu, Blazen Ryu Wa, Fukaku Ryu, Bonten Unryu, Tangan Ryu, and Felice Regalo.

Best Known For

The brand is famous for its control over the entire process of knife making, from forging to shaping the handle and even maintaining its packaging material. 

Ryusen is knowledgeable in the industry of making knives. They always strive for a particularly high-standard kitchen knife. A knife that fits into the hands of professional chefs or enthusiastic home cooks. 

The company puts a premium on excellent sharpness, resistance to rust, durability, and practicality. With that qualities, Ryusen Hamono knives have won Good Design Awards and have been used by many top chefs worldwide.

Steel used

Most of the lines of Ryusen kitchen knives are VG10. These blades are excellent in sharpness like carbon steel. At the same time, they are also resistant to rust like stainless steel. 

Other blades use traditional Echizen techniques, such as the Super Gold 2. Exceptional in the significant properties of hardness, tenacity, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Handle used

Ryusen kitchen knife handles are ideal for their durability and resilience. The handles are made of walnut wood, black micarta, black pakka wood, and curly maple. 

Sharpening and Maintenance

This company provides various series of kitchen knives with great care and pride. That is why the excellent quality of grinding, forging, heat treatment, and finishing all comes together in these top-quality knives. 

Ryusen kitchen knives have a high hardness grade of 60-62 HRC. With that, hone the blade at its original angle while applying the Japanese approach. 

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