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Echizen, Japan

Company Overview

For over 50 years, the Saji family have been producing kitchen knives in Echizen, Japan. Takeshi Saji is the current blacksmith and leader of the family's knife-making business. Takeshi's ability to create great kitchen knives comes from generations of blacksmiths who taught him what it takes to make a quality blade.

Saji kitchen knives are shaped with traditional hammer-forging techniques and high-quality steel. This process allows the blades to be light and sharp while still being durable enough to withstand constant use in a home kitchen.

Knife Types

There is a wide range of choices of Saji Kitchen Knives. These knives are made from the finest materials and techniques to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Saji kitchen knives are professional-grade knives designed to last in the toughest conditions. They are used by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Among their knives collection are the Takashi Saji Makie-Art, Takashi Saji VG10 colored/mirrored knife, folding knife, Takashi Saji R2 Diamond finish, and Takashi Saji Black Damascus.

Best Known For

Saji kitchen knives are not only known for their sharp knives but also for their carefully thought-of designs, in collaboration with great artists.

Saji combines the best of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary design to create functional and beautiful kitchenware.

Steel used

Their kitchen knives are made with R2 stainless steel, Blue Paper (Aogami) high-carbon steel, or VG-10 stainless steel. These steels are some of the best options for kitchen knives and have been carefully selected to ensure that their blades are both durable and sharp.

Handle used

The knife's handle is carefully handcrafted using different colours and durable handles. The blade is made up of high-quality steel for maximum performance and durability.

Forged by the most skilled blacksmith in the world, the kitchen knives are handcrafted with a stainless bolster and water-resistant finish. Their unique handle is made from the densest wood on earth and is buffed to perfection.

Desert ironwood has been used for centuries as an incredibly durable material. It's so strong that it can withstand even the harshest desert conditions without cracking or splitting. They use this same wood to create their stylish hand-carved knife handles that is so easy to grip and well-balanced that you'll want to use them every day.

Sharpening and Maintenance

There are many ways to sharpen kitchen knives at home. Still, starting with a whetstone or Japanese waterstone is recommended. Both tools use abrasives that remove microscopic bits of metal from the blade's edge. 

Whetstones and waterstones are made from natural materials like corundum, Arkansas stone or India stone. 

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