Why is Kangaroo Leather better?

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An interesting fact about kangaroo leather is that it has 10x the tensile strength of cowhide. That may come as a surprise given the rich history of western movies and the toughness of the frontier; both its people and livestock.

The reason for the added strength of the leather is in the shape and what lies beneath the skin. Cows have a lot crinkles and crags in their skin around joints, sweat glands and fat deposits. This means that the structure of their skin is more like a patchwork quilt, with some of the skin fibres running 90 degrees to other areas.

Kangaroos on the other hand have a relatively linear body shape, less fat and no sweat glands. This means that their skin fibres are more aligned and run the length of the body, producing leather than has tighter bonds and greater tensile strength.

We are great foragers and tinkerers of Australian wood, and it was an easy extension to choose kangaroo leather for our knife rolls. When we first set out to work with leather, it was more of a 'story to tell' and aesthetics than functionality, so it was a nice surprise to learn more about kangaroos and their toughness.

We collaborated with local makers Karmine Leathercrafts who specialise in 100% sustainable kangaroo leather for their products. What we have accomplished is a knife roll that is not only easy on the eyes, but a great companion to the native Australian wood found in our handles. 

A testament to the rugged outback and the wildlife that call Australia home.

View our range of kangaroo leather knife rolls here.

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