Sandvik Steel

Sandvik Steel

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Stockholm, Sweden           

Company Overview

Sandvik Group is a multinational engineering company from Sweden. They are composed of four key business segments: manufacturing and machining, mining, rock processing, and material technology. 

Sandvik continues to invest in research and development to improve the productivity and safety of customers through advanced engineering tools and processes. The company encourages its employees to participate in industrial innovations by awarding outstanding projects with the Haglund Medal and the Sandvik Innovation Price.

In addition to their corporate governance and excellent management, Sandvik holds approval to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISA 45001. Those are the main reasons they have succeeded and become one of the world's leading stainless steel manufacturers.


Göran Fredrik Göransson founded Sandvik, the world-leading manufacturer of tool and tooling systems, in 1862. Göransson was one of the successful pioneers in using the Bessemer Method, an inexpensive steel production process that eliminates impurities in iron.

Steel they make

Sandvik uses heated and cooled-down stainless chromium steels, usually in coils. This material belongs to their program trademark called SanEdge™ portfolio.

Sandvik steel program applies to all knife types depending on the requirement. The knife use or application determines the best-fit grade and hardening program. Below are Sandvik knife steels grades used for kitchen knives.


  • 14C28N is the newest development grade from Sandvik. It combines hardness and corrosion resistance with edge rolling, chipping, and folding stability. The material is composed of 0.62% Carbon, 0.2% Silicon, 0.6% Manganese ,0.025% Phosphorus, 0.010% Sulfur, 14.0% Chromium, 0.11% Nitrogen. This grade has an HRC of 58-62.
  • 7C27Mo2 has the highest corrosion resistance properties among Sandvik steel grades. This grade is the best used in fishing knives and other outdoor activities. The material with and 53-57 HRC is composed of 0.38% Carbon, 13.5% Chromium, 1% Molybdenum, 0.40% Silicon, 0.55% Manganese.
  • 12C27 is well-rounded knife steel with 54-61 HRC best fit for High-end Chef's knives. This material exhibits excellent edge performance, razor sharpness, high hardness, top-grade toughness, and corrosion resistance.
  • 12C27M is a dishwasher-safe knife grade recommended for kitchen knives, professional butcher knives, and fishing knives for freshwater environments. This grade has an HRC of 53-59.
  • 13C26, if you are looking for knives with razor-edge sharpness, this one's for you. Highest hardness range at 55-62 HRC with maintained carbide structure.
  • 19C27 is recommended for industrial blade uses only. This material exhibits excellent wear resistance with the HRC range at 55-63 HRC.


Knife users that use them 

Sandvik is best known for their stainless steel material technology that allows the best efficiency of knife material depending on its purpose. The latest development, 14C28N, is top-grade knife steel known for its high anti-corrosion, hardness, and edge performance was used by Cangshan Cutlery, a Chinese cutlery brand founded by Henry Liu. 

They use 14C28N for many set series like TV2 Series 1022728, TV2 Series 1020038, TN1 Series 1021646, TC Series 1020502, and many more. Cangshan Cutlery is a provider of known quality home brands like Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Bed bath and beyond. 

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