How to choose the right knife holder for you

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Once you’ve chosen the perfect knives to be your partner in crime in making delicious meals, the next thing you need is a place to store them. After all, throwing your knives just anywhere in the kitchen might cause your knife to lose its sharpness quickly.

More than that, keeping them organised makes it easier to find the right knife for each job, faster. In this case, the best solution is to make sure you have a knife holder that will work for you. To choose the right knife holder, leading knife company Koi Knives has curated everything you need to know the most common ones you can find in the market and their uses. Continue reading below!

Knife drawer: The classic

The most common way to store your knives in the kitchen was to place it in a drawer. While there have been other methods to organise your knives, most people still prefer this way especially since it’s easy, and keeps your knives out of sight and reach of kids. Kitchens often come with different cabinets and drawers, making it easier for people to just place their knives where they will need them most. However, storing it in a drawer does have its perks and drawbacks so check it out below:

Knife drawer


One of the biggest advantages that you can have in knife drawers is that it’s easy to use and you don’t even have to buy anything. This is because most of the time, when you buy or rent a home, kitchen drawers are already there so you just have to designate a specific drawer for your knives. However, to organise them properly, you still need to get a storage tray to keep your tools separate.


Considering the convenience that knife drawers have, keeping them disorganised without a storage tray can harm your knives in the long run. If they’re all hitting each other when you open or close the drawer, chances are that they’ll lose their sharpness quickly and be more prone to breaking.

Another downside is that if you do not dry your knives thoroughly, surface rust can appear when kept in drawers.

Knife block: A contemporary classic

Following the knife drawer is the knife block, an invention that made it easy for most people to store their knives. The knife block is usually placed on the counter alongside other kitchen equipment so the convenience of storing it all in one place is more emphasised. It’s a different way of storing your handy kitchen tools so it’s up to you if you prefer this than other holders but it does come with its own advantages and disadvantages so check it out below:

Knife rack


Keeping your knives organised and all in one block is convenient, especially since you can be more efficient when you’re cooking and preparing meals. This remains to be true whether you have the block where you insert your knives or the freestanding knife racks that are as convenient as the block. Another advantage is that they can be clearly organised so you know exactly which knife you are reaching for.


While it is convenient, if you have children around, it can be a safety hazard to keep your knives this way especially if the children are curious in the kitchen. So make sure to choose this only if you’ve determined that it’s the safest and most helpful knife holder for you (and out of reach of small hands).

Magnetic strip: Modern convenience

One of the most advanced knife holders you can have right now that will fit right in with the aesthetic of your home is the modern magnetic strip. It’s also known as the magnetic wall rack, with the changes primarily being the way it’s shaped. However, one thing remains the same: it has a magnet included that allows your knives to be stored properly. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages so check them out below to find out if this is the right knife holder for you.

Magnetic knife rack


Besides the aesthetic charm that magnetic strips and racks provide, it’s one of the most convenient knife holders you can have since you just place your knife on it and it sticks. It’s easy to get and organise your knives as well, making it possible for you to be efficient when preparing meals. More than that, magnetic racks can be designed in a simple wood strip like Walnut Wood or in beautiful resin like the Banksia Pod Resin Rack.

Another plus is that they can air dry on the wall rack, decreasing the chances of surface rust appearing.


If you buy a cheap or poorly made magnetic knife rack, there is a tendency that the magnet will not hold over time, making it possible for your knives to fall which can be a safety hazard. Additionally, steel or metallic magnetic racks can scratch and mark the surface of your knife.

Knife rolls: Organised & handy

A bit of a classic yet contemporary knife holder are knife rolls. As per its name, all your knives have proper slots in a piece of cloth or other material and once you’re not using any of them, you can roll the material closed to keep your knives safe. This is quite handy but while it has a lot of perks, it also has its own drawbacks. So before you get one of your own, check the pros and cons below:

Knife roll


Wherever you need to go, you can easily bring your knives with you in a knife holder. Organising it in a handy bag allows you to store it properly in their own slots, making it possible to carry most (if not all) of your knives anywhere you need to go. Additionally, the materials that knife roll bags are made of can be canvas, leather, nylon or polyester, making it durable and will keep your knives safe.

Generally, these knife rolls look great since they can have simple but aesthetic designs like the Kangaroo Leather Knife Roll of Koi Knives in black. Other knife rolls can be more decorative as well, depending on what you want.


While knife rolls have numerous advantages, the con you need to worry about is that it’s usually small in size and cumbersome in a home kitchen. This means if you have more knives that you need to bring with you, finding the right knife holder that can hold them all might be difficult. However, if you only have to bring a specific set or a couple knives with you, then knife holders are perfect.

Knife rolls are best suited for the chef on-the-go, or for the budding cook who likes to cook when they travel.


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