The Crow Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

The Crow Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

Posted by Sam Flaherty on

Introducing the Crow Everyday Carry Pocket Knife—a new addition to our "EDC AVIARY" Pocket Knife Collection inspired by the cunning Corvidae family.

Compared to its predecessor, the Magpie, the Crow boasts a larger size and a sleek black resin handle.

Beyond size, it's about utility. It's designed to honour the intelligence and symbolism linked with these smart birds.

Wherever you wander, urban streets or wilderness trails, rely on the Crow as your unwavering buddy, channelling the essence of its namesake.

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The Crow will be available late May / early June 2024
RRP: $265 AUD
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The Crow EDC Pocket Knife Features

Design and Size

At first glance, you'll notice the Crow shares its design DNA with its cousin, the Magpie Pocket Knife. However, upon closer inspection, you'll find subtle yet significant differences. The Crow boasts a larger frame and ditches the white resin handle for a sleek black resin finish. These modifications lend an air of sophistication and edginess to the Crow's aesthetic.

Specifications Comparison

Regarding specifications, the Crow spreads its wings wider than the Magpie. With a blade length of 86.2mm (3.39 inches), an overall length of 207mm (8.14 inches), and a folded length of 120mm (4.72 inches), the Crow commands attention with its size. Its blade thickness of 2.5mm (.09 inches) ensures durability without sacrificing precision. Weighing in at 166g (5.85 oz), the Crow feels substantial in your hand, reassuring you of its quality construction.


Let's compare these specs to its predecessor, the Magpie. While the Magpie is no slouch, with a blade length of 75mm (2.95 inches), an overall length of 180mm (8.11 inches), and a folded size of 105mm (4.13 inches), it pales in comparison to the Crow's grandeur. Additionally, the Magpie weighs a lighter 129g (4.55 oz), making it a suitable option for those who prefer a lighter carry.

Materials and Construction

The Crow's handle and blade are shaped with precision and care. The black resin handle exudes a sense of mystery and elegance, while the Sandvik 14C28N Steel blade ensures sharpness and longevity. These materials aren't just picked for looks; they're chosen for their practicality and toughness, guaranteeing the Crow is prepared for any job you give it.

Design Inspiration and Philosophy

Drawing from the intelligence and allure of the Corvidae family, the design journey of the Crow Everyday Carry Pocket Knife is an ode to nature's brilliance. Contrasting the Crow's design philosophy with its predecessor, the Magpie, unveils a deeper connection to the avian world.

Symbolism in Every Detail

Opting for black resin for the handle was a conscious tribute to the sleek sophistication often linked with crows. This decision, combined with the knife's increased size, mirrors the deep symbolism woven into its design.

Size Matters

The decision to increase the knife's size isn't arbitrary; it reflects the majestic presence and significance of crows in various cultures and mythologies, allowing for a more substantial grip and enhancing usability without compromising its sleek profile.

Corvidae Connection

Examining the intelligence and symbolism of the Corvidae family unveils the knife's representation of adaptability and problem-solving, mirroring its avian muse. We strived to blend utility with grace, crafting a tool that not only fulfils its function but also honours the extraordinary creatures that sparked its creation.

Functionality and Practicality

Everyday Use Scenarios

Consider this scenario: you're out camping, gearing up to prep some firewood. The Crow's robust blade slices through branches effortlessly, swiftly completing your task. But its utility also extends beyond the great outdoors and is equally adept in urban environments. Need to open a package? No sweat. The Crow's versatile design handles everyday tasks with ease.


One of the standout features of the Crow is its adaptability to different lifestyles and activities. Whether you're a hiker, a DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a reliable tool, the Crow fits seamlessly into your routine. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry wherever you go, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Blade and Handle Features

The blade length and thickness are finely tuned for a blend of strength and accuracy, empowering you to tackle various cutting tasks with confidence. Additionally, the ergonomic handle design guarantees a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue even during prolonged use.

From slicing through cardboard to whittling wood, the Crow's blade and handle materials elevate your user experience, simplifying every task. Its ergonomic layout and sturdy build assure readiness for any challenge you encounter.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety comes first when it comes to pocket knives, and the Crow delivers. It features a dependable liner lock mechanism that keeps the blade firmly in position while in use, preventing unintended closures and reducing the chance of injury.


This characteristic holds particular importance in regions with stringent knife ownership laws, offering peace of mind as you carry the Crow with you wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

The Crow, with its larger size and smooth black resin handle, emerges as a versatile companion for your daily escapades. Its pragmatic layout, paired with impeccable craftsmanship, guarantees dependability no matter where you wander. From unboxing packages to cutting through cords, the Crow consistently proves its value.


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