The Magpie vs. the Crow

The Magpie vs. the Crow

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Have you ever admired the grace of a Magpie or wondered about the mystery of a Crow?

Now, meet their pocket knife counterparts - the Magpie and the Crow. These everyday carry knives reflect the elegance and intrigue of their namesakes.

But beyond just being handy tools, they hold a deeper connection to nature and culture.

Magpies, with their shimmering feathers, symbolise curiosity and adaptability.

Crows, with their haunting calls, represent intelligence and resilience. 

Follow along as we explore the significance of these avian-inspired tools in the wild and our everyday lives.

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The Magpie

Design and Features

Let's zoom in on the Magpie pocket knife, a finely crafted tool for daily use. Its smooth design and functional features make it an adaptable companion for various tasks.

The Magpie has a balanced design. Its blade is 75mm long (2.95 inches), and the knife's total length is 180mm (8.11 inches) when open, but when it's folded, it's 105mm (4.13 inches) long. The blade isn't too thick either, measuring 2.5mm (.09 inches), which makes it strong but still precise. It's not heavy either, weighing just 129g (4.55 ounces), so it's easy to carry around. That's why it's great as an everyday pocket knife you can take wherever you go.

The Magpie is crafted using top-notch materials. Its blade is made of 14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel, which keeps its edge sharp and resists rust. The handle is crafted from dark ebony wood, giving it a cozy, natural feel, and has stylish white resin accents for a classy look.

This knife has a drop-point blade, which is excellent for many cutting jobs. We carefully pick the scale material, clip material, and hardware to ensure they last long and work well. The blade grind is a triple bevel, making it even better at cutting, and the pivot assembly uses caged ceramic ball bearings to make the opening smooth.

Inspiration and Symbolism

The Magpie pocket knife is designed like the agile and adaptable magpie bird. It's made using ebony wood and white resin, representing the Magpie's home and behaviours. This makes the knife look unique and cool.

Why Choose the Magpie

The Magpie is a good choice for your everyday pocket knife. It can easily do many jobs, like opening packages, cutting threads, or trimming cords. Plus, it's designed to feel comfy in your hand, so you can use it for a long time without feeling tired.

Also, the knife's design is similar to how we see Magpies around us every day, whether in the city or out in nature. They're good at fitting in wherever they are, and the Magpie knife does the same for your daily stuff, making it handy for everyday life.

The Crow

Design and Features

Examining the Crow's design, one notices immediate similarities to the Magpie. Both knives share the same practical shape, offering a familiar feel to users accustomed to the Magpie's ergonomic design. However, the Crow distinguishes itself with its larger size, providing a robust presence in hand. This amplified stature lends the Crow an air of confidence, making it a suitable choice for tasks that demand a bit more heft.

The Crow's most notable deviation lies in its handle. While the Magpie boasts a white resin handle, the Crow opts for a striking black resin, evoking a sense of mystery and allure. This choice not only sets the Crow apart visually but also imbues it with a distinct character that resonates with users drawn to its darker appeal.

The Crow pocket knife features an 86.2mm (3.39" inch) blade, 207mm (8.14" inch) overall length, and 120mm (4.72" inch) folded length. It shares the Magpie's blade thickness of 2.5mm (.09" inch) and utilizes the same 14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel. Weighing at 166g (5.85 oz), the Crow is commanding in hand, catering to users seeking a bold statement piece in their everyday carry collection.

Symbolism and Representation

Crows, unlike their magpie counterparts, often evoke associations with intelligence and charisma. Their sleek black plumage and keen eyes have inspired centuries of folklore and symbolism, portraying them as enigmatic creatures with hidden depths.

The selection of black resin for the Crow's handle further amplifies these associations. In popular culture, black often symbolizes power, elegance, and sophistication, aligning perfectly with the Crow's enigmatic allure. This choice pays homage to the Crow's symbolism and adds a touch of sophistication to the knife's aesthetic.

Complementing the Magpie

When it comes to getting things done, the Crow is there to back up the Magpie's versatility with its style of smarts and power.

When you need more strength, the Crow steps up. Whether you're out in nature or working on demanding projects, it's strong structure and confident attitude make it a trusty buddy in any situation.

Comparison: Magpie vs. Crow

Similarities and Differences




Blade Length

75mm (2.95" inch)

86.2mm (3.39" inch)

Overall Length

180mm (8.11" inch)

207mm (8.14" inch)

Folded Length

105mm (4.13" inch)

120mm (4.72" inch)

Blade Thickness

2.5mm (.09" inch)

2.5mm (.09" inch)


129g (4.55 oz)

166g (5.85 oz)

Scale Material

Dark Ebony Wood & White Resin

Dark Ebony Wood & Black Resin

Blade Steel

14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel

14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel

Blade Type

Drop Point

Drop Point

Lock Type

Liner Lock

Liner Lock


Top Flipper Tab

Top Flipper Tab

Magpies and Crows in Culture

In Australian Rules Football, the presence of Magpies is unmistakable, with teams like Collingwood and Port Adelaide bearing the iconic name. Founded in 1892, Collingwood, known as the Magpies or colloquially the Pies, boasts a rich history in the AFL. Similarly, Port Adelaide, established in 1870, embraces the Magpies moniker in the SANFL. 

These teams hold significant cultural sway, drawing devoted fan bases and sparking spirited rivalries. Collingwood has played in a record 45 VFL/AFL Grand Finals, while Port Adelaide's 36 SANFL premierships underscore its dominance in South Australian football.

In branding and marketing, the imagery of Magpies and Crows captivates audiences, particularly in the sports industry. These birds' emotional and symbolic connections resonate with consumers, imbuing brands with a sense of tradition, resilience, and identity. Their presence transcends mere mascots, becoming powerful symbols of togetherness and feeling good about where you're from.


The unique traits of the Magpie and Crow pocket knives mirror the versatility and mystique of their avian namesakes. They embody the profound connection between nature and human ingenuity. From blade to handle, they blend functionality with symbolism, inviting you to carry a piece of avian inspiration in your pocket.

As you navigate your daily adventures, consider the deeper significance of these feathered companions. Explore their utility and symbolism, and perhaps let them remind you of the beauty and complexity of the world around you. Check out our collection now and take a piece of nature's wonder with you wherever you go.

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