The Expanding Koi Aviary - The Magpie, Crow, and now The Kookaburra

The Expanding Koi Aviary - The Magpie, Crow, and now The Kookaburra

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Have you ever wondered why magpies like to gather shiny things or why crows are considered smart?

Did you know that the kookaburra's laugh isn't just a sound in the Australian bush; it also holds important cultural meanings?

Let's examine the fascinating world of these bird influences showcased in the Koi Aviary collection.



First, The Magpie is a flexible companion crafted for everyday use.

Next, meet The Crow, its larger counterpart, radiating intelligence with its mysterious appeal.

Lastly, we have The Kookaburra, paying homage to Australia's iconic bird known for its laughter-filled calls.

While these knives share the same steel quality, their designs diverge. The Magpie's practicality shines through, while The Crow commands attention with its size and depth. The Kookaburra, on the other hand, brings a unique shape and playful aesthetic to the table.

Every knife showcases skilled artistry and provides a mix of usefulness and character.

Analysing the Aviary Trio

When you look at the three Koi Aviary knives together, you'll notice they have some commonalities and also stand out in their own ways to suit different tastes and purposes.

Each knife's blade is made from Sandvik 14C28N Swedish Steel, which is well-known for being tough and resistant to rust. This means you can count on it to hold up well in all sorts of situations.

Now, let's take a closer look at what sets them apart:




The Magpie

- Sandvik 14C28N steel

- Everyday utility focus

- Drop-point blade

- Dark ebony wood and white resin handle

Ergonomic design

The Crow

- Sandvik 14C28N steel

- Larger size

- Drop-point blade

- Black resin handle

- Sturdy construction

- Darker aesthetics

The Kookaburra

- Sandvik 14C28N steel

- Unique shape and materials

- Drop-point razor blade

- Light maple wood and turquoise resin

- Vibrant aesthetics

- Reflective of Kookaburras nature and habitat

The Magpie focuses on everyday practicality, is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and offers versatile use.

Meanwhile, The Crow, with its brooding appearance, appeals to those who prefer a larger, more imposing tool.

On the other hand, The Kookaburra stands out with its distinctive shape and colourful design, echoing the cheerful spirit of its bird counterpart.

Detailed Specifications

Now that we've explored the fascinating inspirations behind each knife let's look at the specifications in detail. 


The Magpie boasts a blade length of 75mm, while The Crow extends a bit further with an 86.2mm blade. On the other hand, The Kookaburra strikes a balance at 87mm. When folded, The Magpie measures 105mm, The Crow 120mm, and The Kookaburra 118mm. All three knives share a blade thickness of 2.5mm, ensuring a sturdy yet versatile tool. 


Moving on to the blade details, each knife showcases unique characteristics tailored to its intended use. The blade lengths, types, and thicknesses cater to diverse needs. The Magpie and The Crow feature a drop point blade, ideal for everyday tasks, while The Kookaburra sports a drop point razor style, enhancing its precision for finer cuts. Made from 14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel, the blades promise durability and reliability, with a hardness rating of 58 HRC.


Transitioning to the handle details, we look into the materials and design elements that set each knife apart. The Magpie combines dark ebony wood with white resin, offering a warm and earthy feel with a touch of elegance. The Crow follows suit with a similar handle composition, albeit in black resin to complement its darker aesthetics. In contrast, The Kookaburra stands out with its light maple wood and turquoise resin, capturing the playful essence of Australia's iconic bird.

Locking System

Moreover, each knife incorporates a unique locking mechanism to ensure user safety and convenience. The Magpie and The Crow utilize a liner lock system, providing secure blade retention while allowing for easy deployment. Meanwhile, The Kookaburra features a precision-milled liner for spring movement, ensuring seamless locking and unlocking with just a simple push.

Design Inspirations

Koi Knives was inspired by nature's beauty and the special traits of the Magpie, Crow, and Kookaburra birds. This led to the creation of a series of knives that fulfill practical needs and tell a tale of the captivating wonders of the natural world.

Like its bird namesake, the Magpie knife carefully combines different materials and colours. Dark ebony wood and white resin represent the Magpie's natural environment and love for shiny things. Symbolically, the blade's drop-point shape mirrors the bird's beak, while six milled holes serve as grip points and nod to the Magpie's nostrils. This knife blends usefulness with beauty, appealing to anyone who loves adventure in their daily life.

On the other hand, the Crow knife explores the symbolism and characteristics of the bird with a darker look and a larger size. It captures the intelligence and mystery of the Crow, featuring a handle made of deep wood and black resin, reflecting the bird's mysterious charm. The incorporation of resin and wood gives the knife a unique feel, mirroring the Crow's multifaceted nature and ability to thrive in diverse environments.

Meanwhile, the Kookaburra knife captures Australia's famous laughing bird in style. Its design reflects the bird's cheerful nature, using turquoise resin and light maple wood to mimic its colourful feathers. This not only honours the bird but also adds liveliness to the knife, making it a standout in any collection.

Final Thoughts

We've explored the details of the Koi Aviary knives—the Magpie, Crow, and Kookaburra. These blades, all made from 14C28N Sandvik Swedish Steel, each represent a different aspect of nature. From the Magpie's simple beauty to the Crow's strong presence and the Kookaburra's cheerful personality, every part reflects careful artistry.

Our dedication to quality continues beyond the blades. At Koi Knives, we back our products with strong commitment to excellent craftsmanship and making sure our customers are satisfied. Each knife shows our passion and expertise, guaranteeing dependability and durability.

Explore our Aviary knives range to find the ideal partner for your daily adventures. Come with us as we celebrate the craftsmanship, usefulness, and happiness that characterize Koi Knives.

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