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The Japanese Knives made by Koi knives are really only half Japanese... The steel blade uses Japanese steels such as VG10 or AUS10 where as the handle wood comes from Australia.

In crafting our collection we have been inspired by Japanese knife history which hopefully helps you add to your war-chest of Japanese knives to flesh out your kitchen and make it the place to be (in your house or restaurant).

The Japanese Knife collection includes modern blades like the Gyuto Knife, the Bunka knife or the Petty knife as well as more classic Japanese Knives such as the Deba Knife, Nakiri Knife (double bevelled vegetable chopper) or Sujihiki Knife (double bevelled Yanigaba knife for slicing).

In addition to these popular or more classic Japanese knives we are crafting K-tips for the future like the Kiritsuke knife or our K-tip version of the Honesuki. 

Most importantly, when looking at or playing with any of our Japanese knives, we hope you are enjoying yourself as much as we are.

Lastly, Koi Knives and it's pursuit of perfection of Japanese knives has one final step. Beyond the knives we donate $10 of every Japanese knife sale to Foodbank. Each $10 donation provides 20 meals for kids that need them. So every knife we make and send make us happy.

All the best. Let's slice and chop the future!

Japanese Knives | Koi Knives