Heavy Veg Chopper

Heavy Veg Chopper

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An utter ripsnorter of a knife for one unique spoon-nosed Aussie animal! Inspired by the large, stocky mammal that loves to burrow with its teeth, this is a large knife for having heavy chopping of pumpkins and large vegetables. Honed to razor sharpness with a high-carbon Japanese VG-10 hard steel core, the Big Red Knives’ Wombat Knife can also cut delicate fine slices of tomatoes, onions and meat as well. A pleasingly curved blade profile for a charming one of a kind animal, this is a unique and highly functional knife to add to your collection.


The Big Red Knives’ Wombat Knife is the designated heavy chopper from the heavy animal it was inspired from. With a total weight of 330g (11.64oz) this knife is ideal for cutting large starchy vegetables such as pumpkins and sweet potatoes as its weight will give you an added advantage.  Composed of 5 layers of steel and a Japanese VG-10 steel core, this knife was designed and crafted for long lasting quality! The sandblasted finish on the upper portion of the blade will also help to prevent vegetables from adhering while you chop. This heavy blade makes light work of mincing meat, while the high-carbon Japanese hard steel will ensure thin slices of vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and cheese. The blade profile on the other hand is highly suited to rapid chopping styles such as tap-chopping and push/pull cutting techniques. While the wideness of the blade is also optimal for assisting in scooping food up from the board. A true and sturdy heavy chopper of a knife in the kitchen!

The Australian Wombat:

These furry rotund herbivores have a surprising combination of traits. A mature wombat is around one metre in length (40 inches) and can grow up to 35kg (77 Ib). A group of wombat is called a wisdom, and this Aussie animal is sure no drongo. Despite being the second largest marsupial (after the Red Kangaroo) when attacked the wombat prefers to stay out fights, instead they would burrow into its hole and block the entrance with its bum. As its rear is mostly made out of cartilage it can take a lot of scratches and nips. Can’t lose a fight if you’re never in one, that’s wombat wisdom for you! Don’t let its ample tush deceive you however, wombats can run up to 40kph (24.8 mph) that is almost as fast as Usain Bolt! They are adaptable and habitat tolerant, and are found in forested, mountainous, and heathland areas of southern and eastern Australia. This unique animal also has a particular evolutionary trait, its teeth never stops growing! This is for gnawing on the wombat’s high-fibre tucker of plant roots, bark and tough vegetation, and for digging their burrows. Apart from their powerful claws, their rodent-like front teeth are their main tools for digging. Another distinctive adaptation of wombats is their backward pouch. The advantage of a backward-facing pouch is that when digging, the wombat does not gather soil in its pouch over its young. A wise little ripper, indeed!

Much like the wombat’s strong jaws and powerful teeth, the Big Red Knives’ Wombat Heavy Chopper is built to withstand impact! With a weight of 330g (11.64oz) its weight is its strength and will give you an advantage in chopping large starchy root vegetables or pumpkins. The curved blade profile mimics the spoon-nosed marsupial while the blade length of 17cm (6.75 inches) is comparable to the animal’s large size. Despite its weight and size however, this knife is like the surprising sprinter it was inspired by as it is sharp and versatile to use. Its ergonomic handle allows for you to rest your thumb atop and push down, perfect for heavy chopping. A knife for the wise!

WOMBAT FACT: Wombats are the only known animal to have cube-shaped poos. The furry cobbers would arrange these faeces to mark territories and attract mates. The cube shape is to ensure their excrements stay in place of where they’re arranged. What wisdom! How these faeces are shaped are not well understood by science but it is largely believed to be produced by the wombat’s intestine which stretches preferentially at the walls, with two flexible and two stiff areas around its intestine. Strewth, what a truly unique animal!


Collection: Big Red Knives

Manufacturer: Koi Knives 

Made in Australia with Japanese steel

Blade steel: VG-10 Japanese hard steel core with Stainless Steel cladding

Blade length: 170mm

Handle wood: All local but varies from wood of olive trees, Shiraz grapevines from McLaren Vale (wine region of South Australia) to specially sourced wood Australian deserts. 

Handle length: 140mm




After each use: 

Simply wipe down in warm soapy water, dry and place on a knife rack away from humidity. Job done!

Long term maintenance:

Big Red Knives are made with a VG-10 Japanese steel core and therefore has a higher carbon content than the average Western kitchen knives. This lends the knives their particular long lasting sharpness, however they also like to be kept dry when not in use and should not be exposed extensively to heat, hot water or ambient high humidity. They should most definitely never be put into the dishwasher or other such nonsense. Each knife was made with love, so please take care of them for us!


Knives made with a VG-10 Japanese steel core are harder at the edge, this means less honing is needed but should instead be professionally sharpened and ideally with a whetstone. Depending on frequency of use, the knife may need to be sharpened by a professional every 3-6 months for most people. We have an extensive list of sharpeners we can recommend in every state if you’d like to contact us.


Similarly, the handle was crafted with resin and coated with a polish that also should not be soaked in hot water. Extended exposure to hot water may damage the polish on the handle that is the protective shield for the wood and resin. Over the years, if the handle starts to look a bit dull a small amount of furniture polish may be used to buff back the shine.

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