Carnation Kitchen - TAS

Carnation Kitchen - TAS

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Courtney and Kate have been travelling the world together since 2006, eating and drinking their way through 19 countries so far. 

Missing travel, they decided to create a space (the kitchen) where guests can come together and learn a new recipe while meeting likeminded people.

We have a genuine connection with the cuisines we choose to teach you and can’t wait to show you how easy it is to replicate amazing dishes in your own kitchen.

We are located in Kingston, only 10 minutes from Hobart!

Meet Courtney and Kate.

  • Courtney Bell she/her

    Marketing Director

    Homemade okinomiyaki in Myoko. This is what comes to mind for me when I think about the food I love to try when travelling. Making okinomiyaki in Myoko with my friend Tamami at her ski lodge in Japan is an experience I’ll never forget. Simple, homemade cooking the Japanese delight in everyday, is what made it special for me.

    I have been lucky enough in my travel career to experience incredible foods and wines from all over the world. Some of my favourites include jambalaya in New Orleans, a Reuben sandwich in New York, and a homemade Chianti in Tuscany.

    I am thrilled to invite you to our kitchen so we can reconnect with the foods we love when travelling abroad.

  • Kate Caire she/her

    Food Director

    Some of my earliest memories are sitting on a bench in one of my father’s restaurants ‘helping’ prep. It started a life long passion, at times an obsession, and ultimately a career.

    It was also my father who instilled my love of travel. A love that has taken me on an eating fest across the globe. From village fare in Italy, ramen in bustling Tokyo, and – my personal favourite – my step mum’s Indonesian home cooking in Java. My search for good food continues.

    20 years in hospitality, both front of house and back, at some of Hobart’s busiest cafe’s and restaurants, have fed my passion and my passion to teach others. From café to fine dining my wealth of knowledge flows throughout the entire industry.

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