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The Chopper | About Me

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A hefty yet nimble all-purpose knife, this chopper is a true piece of usable art that carries the spirit of traditional Japanese knife-making.

Also known as the Chuka Bocho, this knife is essentially the Japanese interpretation of the Chinese Cai Dao Chef knife cleaver.

The Chuka Bocho chopper first appeared in Japan in the 19th century but rose in popularity after WWII when the use of the Chinese cleaver began to spread across the country.

Refined to the Japanese knife forging tradition this knife has the iconic Kiritsuke tip (K-tip) and is made with high-carbon AUS10 Japanese steel.

It will hold its sharp edge for longer than the traditional mass-produced Chinese cleaver and requires less force when making the slice or chop.

From a fusion of Eastern culinary arts comes this strikingly handsome chopper that will make any cooking task into an enjoyable experience.


Inspired from the Chinese Chef’s knife that is extremely versatile, so much so that it is often the main and sometimes even the only knife found in Chinese kitchens - the Koi Knives’ Chopper is just as capable as an all-purpose knife.

With its Japanese Kiritsuke reverse tanto tip, it is even more so as it has the added function of being able to pierce and stabilise a cut before pushing through the slice. Each part of this fine blade has its own uses.

The length of the blade takes care of chopping and fine slicing soft meat, vegetables and fish. The tall height of the blade makes it highly suited for crushing smaller ingredients such as garlic. And finally, the angular heel corner is capable of removing blemishes from fruits and vegetables as well as performing decorative cuts by a more experienced user.

These charismatic rectangular blades are also wide enough to use as a scoop to collect ingredients from the board and transfer them to another dish.  

A great looking knife with the iconic form of a cleaver, this chopper will bring joy and infuses confidence in any kitchen!

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