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Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

Attached is a picture of the knives on my wall.

We recently decided to start using some forged blade finished to our K-Tip knives. As makers and collectors of knives we wanted to shift from Damascus (beautiful knives) to something that felt right when a tough and powerful blade is what you are looking for.

The K-Tip (the tip of the knife where the spine almost meets the tip) gives the knife a tougher and heaver end of the knife making it a powerful blade for downward cutting. It's length also makes it the tool of choice for longer fruits or veg like pumpkins and water melons which can be tricky with traditional chefs knife.

Despite the wonderful features and product performance the main reason we made them is because we wanted to expand our collection. They are different. They are unique.

At present our collection is a Kiritsuke knife, a Serrated knife and a Paring knife. We have 3 more soon to be released.

That's why we made the forged finish K-Tip Collection :)

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