The Kiritsuke Knife Collection

One of the most recent additions to the Japanese Knife rack the Kiritsuke is recognised through similarities to many other knives.

The Kiritsuke is sometimes referred to as an extended Bunka knife, sometimes called a Gyuto knife with a "K-tip." The use of the knife open mimics a Sujihiki for slicing sushi or a Nakiri knife slicing vegetables.

The Kiritsuke knife tends toward being a heavy weight, all purpose Japanese knife where the thickened spine and deeper tip mean it's a great tool to use when chopping vegetables like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, leeks and even protein.

The versatility and increased weight at the tip of the knife has lead to this being one of the most used knives we have ever made at Koi Knives. Whatever you are planning to do the Kiritsuke knife is great fun to use - you can see someone having some fun with it below!

All Kiritsuke knives we currently have in the shed can be seen beneath the video.

*The Koi Knife Kiritsuke for cutting and the Ikea peeler for peeling - both wonderful tools!