Canberra Knife Collection

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

The first Japanese knife collection we created for Canberra was our "K-Tip Knife Collection."

The K-Tip carries 6 knives where each knife has a "K-Tip." Rather than a point to the blade the K-Tip knife has been sliced at the end to ensure you have a deeper, stronger knife tip. 

In the collection made for our customer in Canberra it includes a serrated knife, kiritsuke knife, gyuto knife, santuko knife, utlity knife and paring knife.

At the time of writing these were the first version of many of the knives hence the absence of links in the lines above. Hopefully if you are reading this blog the test samples of Japanese knives made in the picture above will be turned into batches.

Of all knives their my favourite 2 knives are the K-Tip Gyuto Knife and the Kiritsuke (always made with a K-Tip). 

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