Gyuto Knife | Rio De Janiero, Brasil

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

We just sent our first knife to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!

Having spend a year of exchange in Brazil more than 20 years ago this was an emotional moment for me. Much of the inspiration generated that allowed my colleague and I to start Koi Knives in the first place.

The knife chosen was the Gyuto knife, the perfect all purpose knife to add to the cook or chefs knife collection. The Gyuto knife slices just about everything.

Whether the cook/chef in Brasil is making feijoada, moqueca or pao de queijo the Gyuto knife is now part of the preparation of the magnificent Brazilian cuisine :)

*Note there is a large population of Japanese or second generation Japanese in Brasil to this day. One of those that came from Japan hosted me when I did exchange in Brasil in 1997. So this is probably not the first japanese knife in Brasil :P

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