Gyuto Knive Motreal

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

We just received our first order from Montreal :)

We are not sure whether this kind customer was purchasing their Gyuto knife with a red dwarf Banksia handle to match their national flag, whether it was due to tier love of Spiderman or just because they like the colour red.

Canada is a country very similar to Australia. A large national producer which has relatively low population per square meter. It's a little cooler in most parts and has wonderful french influence. We must be very similar as our exchange rates seem to stay toe to toe (I think because we are both soft and hard commodity producers).

Anyway - our fascination of Canada is matched with knives so we are delighted to be sending our first knife to Canada. The Gyuto all purpose blade is the perfect way to start due to its great versatility.

Long Live Montreal! Long live Canada!

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