Gyuto Knife | Adelaide | Crafers Inn

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Technically speaking Crafers is not Adelaide, it's the Adelaide hills - it's also the first suburb I lived in when I arrived on planet earth.

Last week was fathers day so we decided to have lunch there.

I was not aware but over the last year 3 of the local chefs at the Crafers Inn had decided to invest in a Koi Knife - so what did they choose?

As it turns out they all chose the same Japanese Knife - the Gyuto Knife.

The Gyuto knife is the Japanese equivalent of a chefs knife which is an all purpose blade that can do just about anything (please don't chop bones, ice or chop on glass chopping boards). 

Before our gyuto knives arrived the food, wine and service were awesome so the one thing I'm waiting to do is return - long live the Crafers Inn!!

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