Knives Adelaide | Koi Knives

Knives Adelaide | Koi Knives

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Koi Knives begun as a hobby for two locals however has become one of the larger Adelaide Knife creators, collectors and distributors.

Koi Knives is currently based in Woodville North (on the hunt for a larger shed if anyone has a nice one to offer) where knife handles are composed from wood that is found in Mclaren vale, South Australia.

Knife steel from the Adelaide Knives is Japanese steel, primarily choosing AUS10 made by Aichi in Japan. The knife blade construction is composed with an AUS10 or VG10 core (from Takefu) and covered with 33 stainless steel layers of stainless steel to wrap the higher carbon core.

The core of these knives high carbon content makes it significantly harder than most commonly distributed knives which are made from a single layer of steel. This leads to the sharpening of the knives last significantly longer.

 As a small team we design and create a new knife shape every month or two to broaden our collection and if we have become board with any existing knives we stop making them :)

At the time of writing our collection includes Japanese knives such as:

Damascus Knives

 - Gyuto Knives - All Purpose

 - Bunka Knives - Heavy All Purpose

 - Petty/Utlity Knives - Intricate Cutting/Chopping

 - Nakiri Knife - Vegetable Pro Knife

 - Deba Knife - Single Bevel Fish and protein chopper

 - Sujihiki Knife - Long Slicer

K-Tip Knives

 - Kiritsuke Knife - All Purpose elongated blade

 - Serrated Knife - Bread Slicer

 - Paring Knife - Utility knife

If you're interested in seeing what's presently available or want to see them in person please feel free to contact us.

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