Top 5 Small Knives for the Kitchen

Top 5 Small Knives for the Kitchen

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Small knives are pivotal in cooking, offering precision and versatility in kitchen tasks. These miniature tools, often underestimated, prove indispensable for intricate jobs. As we delve into the intricacies of the Kookaburra, Koala, and other compact wonders, we unveil a world where size belies power. Join us through small knives, where each blade tells a unique culinary story.

 Key Points: 

- Significance of small knives in kitchens.

- Precision and versatility in culinary tasks.

- Introduction to the Kookaburra, Koala, and other small knives.

 Stay tuned as we explore each knife's unique features and culinary prowess.

1.   The Kookaburra: Small but Mighty

The Kookaburra is a versatile paring knife crafted specifically for intricate tasks in BBQ preparation. Despite its modest size, this compact tool boasts many functions, making it an invaluable addition to any kitchen arsenal. Here's a closer look at what makes the Kookaburra a standout:

 Practical Uses:

  - Segmentation of citrus fruits like oranges.

  - Deveining prawns with precision.

  - Separating sausages effortlessly.

  - Scoring meat for optimal cooking.

 Finer Details:

  - Blade Length: 96mm (3.75")

  - Overall Length: 222mm (8.75")

  - Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118")

  - Weight: 170g (6oz)

  - HRC Rating: 60-61

 Design and Construction:

  - Designed by Shannon, a skilled 2nd generation blacksmith in South Australia.

  - Utilises Japanese VG10 steel, renowned for its robustness and razor-sharp edge.

This amalgamation of meticulous design and high-quality materials ensures that the Kookaburra excels in various precision tasks, delivering reliability and efficiency with every use. 

2.   The Koala: Mini Chopper with Aussie Flair

The Koala stands as a mini chopper with unique qualities, embodying Aussie craftsmanship. 


- Blade Length: 102mm (4") 

- Overall Length: 232mm (9.25") 

- Blade Thickness: 2mm (0.078") 

- Weight: 195g (6.87oz) 

- HRC: 60-62

Unique Features

- VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a sandblast finish.

- Australian wood handles showcase geographic diversity.

- Non-stick surface for smooth vegetable cutting.

Practical Benefits

The Koala offers more than its size suggests, with practical advantages like a non-stick surface, making vegetable cutting a breeze.

3.   Paring Excellence in the Osaka Collection

The Osaka Collection introduces a paring knife with a captivating hammered Damascus finish. Crafted for culinary versatility, this knife offers a comfortable grip, ideal for meticulous in-the-hand tasks.

 Key Features: 

- Hammered Damascus Finish: The paring knife boasts a visually stunning hammered Damascus finish, adding aesthetic appeal and functionality to the blade. 

- Versatility: Designed for in-the-hand precision, this knife proves versatile for various cutting techniques, enhancing the user's culinary experience. 

- Reinforced K-Tip Advantage: Explore the advantages of the reinforced K-Tip, providing extra control for tasks like peeling onions, turning vegetables, and slicing fruits. 


-  Blade Length: 115mm (4.52")

- Overall Length: 255mm (10.03")

- Blade Thickness: 1.4mm (0.055")

- Weight: 90g (3.17oz)

- HRC Rating: 60

This paring knife combines functionality with artistic craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless blend of precision and style in your culinary endeavours.

Note: Handles are uniquely crafted from Australian wood burl, resulting in variations in wood grain and resin pattern.

4.   The Colorful Duo: Paring in the Rainbow and Ninja Collections

The Rainbow Collection offers a vibrant aesthetic with a G10 rainbow handle and VG10 Japanese Damascus steel. This lively combination brings both colour and quality to the kitchen.

 Description of the Collections

- Rainbow Collection: Featuring a G10 rainbow handle and VG10 Japanese Damascus steel. The striking visual appeal meets high-performance standards.

- Ninja Collection: For those favouring a sleeker, less colourful design. Subtle red and white spacers add a touch of Japanese origin without overpowering.

Steel Emphasis

Both collections boast high carbon VG10 steel, renowned for: 

- Incredible edge retention.

- Ability to maintain a razor-sharp edge for extended periods.

- Stainless properties due to a higher amount of chromium.

 Practical Applications and Features

 Explore the practicality of these collections:

 Rainbow Collection:

  - Eye-catching design for aesthetically pleasing kitchens.

  - VG10 Japanese Damascus steel for sharpness and durability.

 -   Ninja Collection:

  - Subtle, sleek design suitable for various kitchen styles.

  - High carbon VG10 steel for exceptional edge retention.

 Make a statement in your kitchen with the Rainbow Collection's vibrant hues, or opt for the understated elegance of the Ninja Collection. Both bring top-notch performance to your culinary endeavours.

5.   Mini Bunka: Power and Comfort in a Small Package

The Ko-Bunka, a versatile knife that mirrors the functionality of a petty or utility knife, brings exceptional power and comfort in a compact design.

 With a blade designed for precision and a form factor that balances control, the Ko-Bunka is a culinary powerhouse in a smaller package.

 Design Features 

-   Compact Blade Length: At 140mm (5.51"), the Ko-Bunka's blade is optimised for intricate tasks without compromising on efficiency.

-   Curved Blade Edge: The curved design enhances slicing and chopping motions, making it ideal for various kitchen duties.

-   Added Clearance: The extra clearance under the handle ensures a comfortable grip and increased manoeuvrability. 

Power and Comfort

The Ko-Bunka's design offers a unique combination of power and comfort. Its rigid K-Tip design adds strength, while the compact size ensures easy handling.


-   Blade Length: 140mm (5.51")

-   Overall Length: 290mm (11.41")

-   Blade Thickness: 2.2mm (0.086")

-   Weight: 157g (5.53oz)

-   HRC Rating: 60

The Ko-Bunka is a testament to precision and efficiency in a smaller culinary tool, providing chefs with a reliable companion for various kitchen tasks.


In summary, our collection of small knives epitomises the union of artistry and functionality, purpose-built for the rigours of professional kitchens. Each blade is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and quality across the diverse ensemble, from the intricate Kookaburra to the robust Koala and the refined Osaka and Ninja paring knives.

This culinary arsenal, constructed from premium Japanese VG10 steel, transcends the mundane, offering both tools and culinary companions.

The collection's unique aesthetics, with sandblasted finishes and distinctive G10 handles, add a touch of sophistication to the practicality.

Elevate your culinary experiences, explore the range, and let the precision redefine the art of cooking.

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