Top Utility Knives for the Holidays

Top Utility Knives for the Holidays

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Elevate your culinary experiences with knives designed for specific purposes this holiday season. Dive into the world of artistry and practicality as we unveil our top utility knives, each meticulously crafted for distinct culinary tasks. 

This guide explores the Tassie Devil, our boning knife, the Barramundi filleting knife, the Croc bread knife, the Brolga carving knife, the Sujihiki carving knife, the Pankiri bread knife, and the Honesuki boning knife.

 Let these knives become your trusted companions in the kitchen, ensuring every holiday meal is a masterpiece. Let the slicing begin!

1. Tassie Devil - The Precision Boning Knife

Crafting perfection: The Tassie Devil is a testament to meticulous design in precision boning knives. 

Unveiling the Finer Details 

- Blade Length: 152mm (6.1")

- Overall Length: 280mm (11")

- Blade Thickness: 2mm (0.078")

- Weight: 135g (4.7oz)

- HRC: 60-61

Discover the magic of VG10 steel: This robust material ensures a razor-sharp edge, longevity, and corrosion resistance. 

A Handle for Every Hand: The classic three-rivet handle offers not just a grip but a connection. Versatile and ergonomic, it accommodates reverse grip for unique tasks. 

Designed by a 2nd generation blacksmith from South Australia, the Tassie Devil embodies excellence, slicing through sinew with precision. Remember, the devil is in the details, and with the Tassie Devil, perfection is in every cut.

2.   Barramundi - The Filleting Maestro

Precision meets flexibility: Unleash the art of filleting with the Barramundi, a knife designed for the connoisseur. 

Blade Details:

- Crafted from high-quality Japanese VG10 steel.

- Unmatched sharpness with a 15° angle, ensuring precise cuts.

- Blade Length: 190mm (7.5"), Overall Length: 322mm (12.7").

 Nature's Handle:

- Australian wood handle, a sustainable ode to local craftsmanship.

- Designed for ergonomic grip and enhanced control.

 The Barramundi combines precision, flexibility, and a touch of Australian nature—experience filleting like never before.

3.   Croc - The Mighty Bread Knife

A Beast for the Aussie Kitchen. The Croc, our serrated bread knife, isn't just a kitchen tool; it's a culinary beast designed for the Australian kitchen. Its versatility makes it indispensable from dawn to dinner.

 The bread knife, inspired by the oldest and most vicious dinosaur, conquers the Aussie kitchen.

 Its prowess lies in: 

- Practicality Meets Art: Impeccable blade specifications and handle uniqueness.

- German Steel Allure: Crafted with 1.4116 high carbon German steel, it marries durability with razor-sharp precision.

- A Sandy Touch: The blade's sandblasted finish ensures a non-stick culinary experience, gliding through vegetables seamlessly. 

Finer Details 

- Blade Length: 230mm (9")

- Overall Length: 370mm (14.5")

- Blade Thickness: 2.5mm (0.1")

- Weight: 255g (9 oz)

- HRC: 60-62

4.   Brolga - Carving with Precision

Carve with finesse using the Brolga, a knife designed for precision. Its rigor on your cutting board ensures culinary artistry. 

Sculpting Perfection - Unveiling the intricate details:

 - Blade Details: Crafted with precision from VG10 steel.

- Dimensions: Blade Length - 270mm (10.6"), Overall Length - 402mm (11.8").

- Magic of VG10 Steel: Unparalleled sharpness, rigidity, and corrosion resistance.

 From the Hills to Your Kitchen 

- Australian Wood Handles: Infusing nature into your culinary art.

- Foraged Elegance: Sourced from Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale.

- Unique Touch: Each handle is a unique piece of Australian craftsmanship.

 Carve with finesse; experience the dance of the Brolga in every slice.

5.   Sujihiki - The Artistic Carver

The Sujihiki knife, a maestro in the culinary symphony, conducts a perfect slice every time. Here's why it's a masterpiece in the kitchen: 

Japanese Mastery

- Blade Specifics: Crafted from high carbon AUS10 steel.

- Dimensions: Blade Length - 260mm, Overall Length - 370mm, Blade Thickness - 2.8mm, Weight - 215g.

 Unpredictable Elegance

- Handle: Embrace the unpredictability of Australian wood.

 The Sujihiki, like a masterful brushstroke, guarantees a flawless finish, establishing itself as the paramount selection for culinary excellence.

6.   Pankiri - The Osaka Bread Knife

Osaka Elegance in Your Kitchen: The Pankiri's Deadly Serrations

 - Promise of Precision: Crafted with Osaka elegance, the Pankiri promises deadly serrations for a culinary experience beyond slicing bread.

 Beyond Bread: Blade Details, Dimensions, and the Hammered Damascus Finish

 - Intricate Craftsmanship: Delve into the intricacies of the Pankiri's blade, boasting a finely hammered Damascus finish and razor-sharp serrations.

- Perfect Balance: The 243mm blade, with a thickness of 3.2mm, strikes a perfect balance between artistry and functionality.

 The Handle's Fusion of Local Hardwood and Resin

 - Ergonomic Design: Indulge in the handle's ergonomic design, a fusion of local hardwood and resin, seamlessly marrying aesthetics with a comfortable grip.

 Unveil the essence of the Pankiri - where craftsmanship and functionality harmonise seamlessly.

7.   Honesuki - Japanese Precision for Boning

The Honesuki, a Japanese culinary artisan, excels in the delicate dance of boning. Its blade, a testament to precision, showcases dimensions finely tuned for intricate cuts. The hammered Damascus finish adds both aesthetic flair and functional resilience.

 Cutting through Complexity

 - Blade Specs: 135mm (5.31") length, 1.4mm (0.055") thickness

- Performance:  A razor-sharp edge designed for poultry, seafood, and meticulous ingredient preparation.

 Small but Mighty Handle

Crafted from local hardwood and resin, the handle ensures a firm grip during intricate maneuveurs, harmonising form, and function in this culinary symphony. Explore the finesse of Japanese precision with the Honesuki.

 Discover the nuanced artistry in every cut, complemented by the durability of Japanese steel - Stay sharp with the Honesuki.


As you embark on your holiday culinary journey, consider the Tassie Devil's finesse in boning, the Barramundi's mastery in filleting, and the Croc's might in slicing. The Brolga, Sujihiki, Pankiri, and Honesuki each add their unique qualities to the composition.

Elevate your culinary experience with these knives, designed with passion and crafted for excellence.

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