Top Chef's Knives for Christmas

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Welcome to our festive knife celebration! Here, we explore the perfect gifts for both home and professional kitchens. Discover how these blades, from Petty to Dingo, shine as thoughtful Christmas presents.

So, let's unwrap the joy of gifting precision and craftsmanship.

From the Petty's finesse to the Kiritsuke's power, these knives are more than tools – they're moments of culinary delight wrapped in holiday cheer.

I. Unwrapping the Petty

Unveiling the 'Petty' — a knife designed for finesse. Crafted from AUS10 Japanese steel, it complements larger knives with a finer point. The Australian wood handle adds a touch of uniqueness. Embrace its elegance for precision in intricate tasks.


With a 150mm blade, this lightweight knife (120g) boasts a razor-sharp edge (HRC: 58-60). A daily workhorse, its versatility extends from fruits to delicate cuts.

Ideal Uses

Perfect for smaller cuts and detailed work, the 'Petty' enhances your culinary finesse—an essential companion for tasks demanding precision and agility in the kitchen.

II. The Santoku Experience

Unwrapping the Santoku reveals a culinary marvel. Its blade, crafted from AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, signifies unparalleled craftsmanship. The Australian hardwood handle, distinct in every knife, adds a touch of nature's unpredictability. A Santoku isn't just a knife; it's an aesthetic experience.

Technical Details

Dive into the specifics: a 185mm blade, 1.6mm thickness, and a weight of 160g. The HRC of 58-60 guarantees durability. This high-carbon steel beauty isn't just a kitchen tool; it's a precision instrument.

Perfect Gift

For the discerning chef or aspiring cook, the Santoku isn't merely a blade—it's a statement. This Christmas, gift the Santoku for a culinary journey. Crafted for versatility, it's a present that slices through expectations. 

III. Mastering with the Gyuto

The Gyuto, our culinary virtuoso, is a finely tuned powerhouse in the kitchen. Crafted from stunning AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel and embraced by an Australian hardwood handle, it's where high art seamlessly meets function.


Behold the Gyuto's magnificence — a knife meticulously designed for culinary mastery. A 210mm high carbon AUS10 steel blade embodies the Japanese equivalent of a chef's knife, poised to conquer many kitchen tasks.


This all-purpose knife from McLaren Vale's sourced wood handles adapts effortlessly. Its sharp edge and impeccable design allow it to seamlessly transition between slicing, dicing, and chopping — the epitome of versatility.

IV. Kiritsuke

Elevate your culinary experience with the Kiritsuke. Crafted for precision and power, this knife seamlessly combines form and function. Its unique design allows for various tasks, from delicate slicing to robust chopping.

Hammered Finish

The Kiritsuke boasts a distinctive hammered finish, adding aesthetic appeal and practicality. The textured surface reduces drag, preventing food from sticking, and enhances the blade's performance. This intricate detail showcases craftsmanship and ensures an unparalleled cutting experience.

Stellar Gift

Are you looking for a stellar gift? The Kiritsuke stands as a testament to thoughtful gifting. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts, it embodies artistry and utility, making it an exceptional present for those who appreciate the finer things in the kitchen.

V. The Majesty of the Large Chef's Knife

The grandeur of the Large Chef's Knife unfolds as we reveal its formidable presence in the culinary realm. A marvel crafted with precision, its initial dance on the cutting board is a spectacle that captivates.

Western-style Profile

With a Western-style blade profile, this knife boasts a direct curve, meeting the spine at the handle's heart. This unique profile accentuates its cutting edge, delivering culinary prowess with each slice.

Rainbow Collection

Our Rainbow Collection emerges in a nod to nature's beauty, featuring a spectrum of vibrant G10 rainbow handles and VG10 Japanese Damascus steel. A mesmerizing blend of aesthetics and performance, these knives celebrate color in the kitchen.

VI. Joey: The Petite Culinary Wonder

The Joey Knife emerges as a petite yet formidable companion in culinary prowess. This miniature chef's knife, affectionately known as a Petty knife, embodies versatility and charm.

Unique Features

Crafted from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel, the Joey boasts a sandblast finish, paying homage to Australia's sandy landscapes. Its wooden handle, sourced from diverse Australian regions, adds a touch of uniqueness to each knife.


Beyond its modest size, the Joey excels in myriad kitchen tasks. From intricate slicing to robust chopping, it's a testament to precision and functionality, a must-have for any culinary enthusiast.

VII. Introducing The Wallaby

The Wallaby, a nimble kin to the Kangaroo, leaps into the culinary scene as an agile kitchen companion.

Features and Specifications of the Wallaby

Crafted with precision, The Wallaby boasts a VG10 steel core, ensuring a razor-sharp edge for culinary excellence. Embrace the unpredictability of Australian wood burl handles, making each Wallaby knife a unique masterpiece.

The Wallaby's Versatility and Its Position as an Essential Kitchen Knife

A culinary maestro, The Wallaby's versatility establishes it as an indispensable tool, elevating your kitchen endeavours.

VIII. The Big Red: Backbone of Australian Craftsmanship

The Big Red stands as a testament to Australian craftsmanship, epitomizing unparalleled toughness and enduring durability. 

Technical Marvels and Design Ingenuity

  • Blade Specifics and VG10 Steel Construction\
  • Unveiling technical brilliance, the blade is meticulously crafted with VG10 steel, ensuring a lasting sharp edge.
  • Unique Sandblast Finish Characteristics

The distinctive sandblast finish adds aesthetic allure and creates a practical, non-stick surface, enhancing slicing ease.

Symbolic Significance in Australian Craftsmanship

The Big Red symbolises Australia's diverse terrains. Rooted in VG10 steel and native wood, it captures the essence of sandy landscapes from Bondi to Birdsville. Beyond utility, it becomes a culinary companion embodying the spirit of Australian craftsmanship.

IX. Dingo: Inspired by the Australian Wild Dog

Crafted for culinary versatility, The Dingo stands as an All-Purpose knife in the kitchen, showcasing its adaptability in various cutting tasks. 

Technical Details and Design Aspects

Featuring VG10 high carbon Japanese steel, The Dingo boasts a razor-sharp cutting edge with stainless steel cladding, ensuring durability and precision. With a distinctive heft toward the tip, mirroring the Dingo's powerful jaws, this knife delivers enhanced cutting power and efficiency. 

Symbolism and Inspiration

An ode to the Australian wild dog, The Dingo symbolises strength and adaptability, embodying these traits in its design and functionality.

Unleashing the Spirit of Australian Blades

In closing, our Top Chef's Knives for Christmas embody culinary excellence. Each knife, from the agile Wallaby to the iconic Big Red and versatile Dingo, is a testament to Australian craftsmanship. Their VG10 steel construction, unique handles, and symbolic designs make them indispensable tools for any kitchen.

This Christmas, gift not just a knife but a piece of Australian culinary spirit. Reinvent your culinary experience with blades that blend tradition with innovation.

Explore the complete range and master the art of cooking with knives that redefine precision and skill.

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