Mochikiri | Rice Cake Slicer

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Blade Width 

210-360 mm



Also known as "Rice Cake Slicer," the Mochikiri knife, from its name, is used for slicing the Japanese rice cake "mochi." In Japan, Mochikiri knives are widely produced. It means that several different types of Mochikiri knives have distinctive styles. 


The Mochikiri knife is usually a double grind knife. So aside from rice cakes, the Mochikiri knife can also be used for frozen food as it does a fine job even with slicing hard objects.


Tips When Using the ‘Mochikiri’

Japanese rice cake "Mochi" can be pretty sticky, making it difficult to cut using a regular knife. The typical preparation for this rice cake is after being thumped and toughened. You are supposed to cut it with a vertical motion. 


The Mochikiri knife has a curved edge and can be single-handed or double-handed. There are different styles of Mochikiri knives available in the market. You can cut hard rice cakes with both hands easily with this knife.

Mochikiri Knife

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