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Blade Width 




The Sakekiri Knife is a single bevel knife initially created to slice thick bones of large fish, like cutting a Salmon into pieces. 


This knife is slightly similar to the Deba Knife in terms of usage and performance. However, Sakekiri Knife has a black forging finish, broader and slimmer blade for detailed tasks. Typically, the Sakekiri knife is used for Salmon. That's why it is dubbed "The Salmon Knife." In Japanese, "Sake" pertains to "Salmon'' and "Kiri" means slicer. 


Tips When Using the ‘Sakekiri’

As Sakekiri knives are thin, rough, and sturdy, it's better to use this knife if you are constantly dealing with rigorous tasks like at a fishery. The Sakekiri knife suits cutting big fish such as Salmon and hard fish bones. It functions similarly to a Deba Knife, so you can use it for tasks you usually do with a Deba Knife. Now, despite its size, you'll find the Sakekiri knife light to hold, so you won't have any problem using it.


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