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The Sobakiri knife is also called "Menkiri" or "Udon Kiri" and is best used to cut noodles. These specialized knives are catered for cutting soba noodles.

Using Sobakiri, even slim strips can be achieved effortlessly with its thoroughly sharp and long blade that reaches the handle's end. This knife efficiently covers the dough's thickness. Soba noodles are widely served in Japan and are made from buckwheat flour. Using the Sobakiri Knife, the Soba noodles are cut cleanly because the knife's edge is flat and straight. The Sobakiri Knife is the best tool to attain the structure of Soba noodles, which are thin and long.

Tips When Using the ‘Sobakiri’

Soba noodles should be thinly cut. Its dough is flattened and cut into long thin strips using the Sobakiri knife. Due to the Knife's unique design and blade resembling a cleaver, you may find it heavy, but this helps cut the noodles perfectly. Make sure to hold the handle securely when cutting in a forward motion.

It is necessary to leave no space between the blade and the cutting board as it can destroy the noodle's structure due to the dough not being entirely cut. Lay the Knife's blade flat against the cutting board to ensure the form of the noodles remains intact.


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