Global Knives by Yoshikin

Global Knives by Yoshikin

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Funabashi, Japan


Company Overview

Global Knives is one of the largest knifemakers and sellers in the world. The company was founded in 1985 by Komin Yamada, blending the East and West through Japanese knives with Italian design and German steel composition. 

Global Knives takes pride in the production of knives using a single piece of steel from blade to handle. The company uses lightweight steel and crafts its knife-edge in a convex cross-sectional shape for ease in slicing and separating foods. 

The brand stays true to its roots as its 50 lines of Japanese knives are still handcrafted in Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata. These knives continue to gain international acclaim in over 95 countries worldwide.

Global Knives has received various awards and recognition for its innovation and designs:

  • Best Kitchen Gadget by GQ Magazine in 2011
  • Part of the Japanese 100 Modern Award in 2006
  • Part of the national designer yearbook in 1991
  • Japanese Good Design by MITI in 1990


Knife Types

Global Knives is focused on Kitchen and Table Knives.

Best known for

Global Knives is best known for their mid-sized Japanese and Western Chef’s knives, versatile from chopping board to table.

Steel Used

Global Knives blades are made using CROMOVA18 stainless steel - a blade now only made for Global Knives. Its mid-range carbon content influences its hardness grade of 56-58 HRC - a low grade for Japanese knives, but higher than German Steel. This material exhibits good edge holding and resists rusting and stains.   

Handles Used

Global Knives takes pride in having a one-piece steel look. They use the same Chromova 18 in their steel handles. This makes each of their models classic and collection worthy. They make sure to add etchings and carving to their handle design to fix grip and force during use.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge.  

Global Knives has a high hardness grade of 56-58 HRC and an edge of 15 degrees. As such, hone the knife at its original angle using the Western Approach.

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A Global Knives sharpening steel is most recommended, but whetstones or ceramic sharpening rods may be used in its stead.

Website | Videos

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- Company Video


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