Knife Guide

There are untold thousands of different shapes, styles, sizes and makers. Here is a small portion of the available information, with a focus on our knives and their specifications.

Knife Specifications

We are total knife nerds, we love to look deep in to the history, style and dimensions of every knife. Here are the specifications of each of our knives, for those with similar inclinations.

Knife Vs. Knife

How does each knife stack up against others? Should you choose a Japanese knife or a Western, double or single bevel, half or full tang? We try to answer some of these nebulous questions.

Wood and Knife Types

We are constantly tinkering with different wood types and steels, in search of an always better knife. Here we share some of our successful experiments.

Buying Guide

With so many different possibilities for your next knife, it can be difficult to work out which is the best for you. Here we try to demystify the process with some helpful guides.