Knife Know-How

Taking care of your knife can be an extremely awarding experience, not only keeping your knife stunningly sharp, but also making sure it lasts generations. Here we share our knowledge of keeping your knives sharp, sexy and well maintained.

Knife Care

All knives need love every once in a while, whether it is removing rust, oiling your wood handle, or tuning up the edge. Here are a selection of the simple ways you can keep your knives in great shape.

Knife Storage

Where you keep your knives has an outsized impact on how long it will last. Storing your knives on racks or in rolls will greatly benefit their razor edge.

Knife Skills

Correct technique and choosing the right knife for the right job is crucial to getting the most out of your prized possession. Here we share some handy tips.


Keeping your knife sharp is a complex and often times challenging endeavour. Here we try to demystify the process for you with tips on sharpening, removing rust and repairing minor damage.