Keep up-to-date with our latest woods, knives, collaborations and other fun stuff here.

New Knives

We are always tinkering with new designs, a search for the perfect knife we will likely never attain. But we love the pursuit, much like a chef has his passion for new recipes.

New Wood

We love to forage for symbolic and interesting wood to create truly unique handles. Each wood carries with it the story of its history, and we love to share these stories through knifemaking.


The food community in Australia is second to none, and here in SA we are known as the food basket of the country. We love to work with local producers and growers to create fun projects.

Cooking Schools

We collaborate with a range of cooking schools around Australia, gifting our knives to be used in their classes. That way you can have a play with our knives while learning from talented professionals. Here is a list of our current cooking school partners.

Content Round-up

There is a torrent of information through out this website, which is why we like to gather some helpful articles together to make it easier to wrangle what you want to know. You can find a bunch of handy condensed articles here.