You can't talk about kitchen knives without talking about food and how we create it. We spend as much time cooking with our knives as we do on the knives themselves, never far from the kitchen and the next tasty meal.

Japanese Ingredients and Their Uses

Japanese cuisine is deceptively simple in their ingredients and preparations. Behind each recipe is a selection of building blocks used to enhance the flavour, texture and vibrancy of the finished dish. Here are those key elements and how to use them.

Chef Recipes

We have a lot of chef friends in the Koi Knives community, sharing their wealth of knowledge through a range of exciting recipes. All great recipes start with a knife, here are a selection of recipes to put your knifework to the test.

What We Are Cooking

Food is the language of sharing, having guests at your table and friends at the BBQ. Here we like to share musings on what we are currently cooking at home.

How To Cut _________

We get a lot of enjoyment out of finding new ways of doing old things. Here are some of the methods for cutting/peeling/chopping different ingredients in new or interesting ways.